The Balaton Bike Festival
Friday 10 July 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 293 kb The Balaton lake in Hungary is the largest lake in central Europe and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the region. Over the weekend of the 27th and 28th of June, on the shores of this lake, in Balatonfüred, an event unprecedented in Hungary took place: the Balaton Bike Festival, an enormous festival dedicated to all things on two wheels (including an international downhill comp with a first prize of €1800, won by Greg Minaar, and a BMX dirt contest). Sunday also saw the biketrials competition, open to riders of all levels – the Balaton Bike Fest Trial Contest.

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The Elite competition consisted of two laps of eight sections made up of large concrete, metal and wooden obstacles. The rain added to the difficulty of the competition, which was dominated by top German riders Matthias and Thomas Mrohs of the Trial Team Hoffmann. These seasoned competition riders outstripped top Hungarian rider Hegedus Lazlo, who showed remarkable skill and endurance by winning the silver medal in both 20” and 26” competitions! An all the more impressive performance when you consider that there was only a half an hour break between each category! Matthias Mhros had this to say:

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“ Big up for the Romanian and Hungarian Riders who are competing at a very high level. We only really know of these Riders from their Videos, so it was very nice to meet and ride with them. We had a really good warm up and some nice moves were pulled. Big up also for Hegedus Laszlo who competed in both 20" and 26" and came second in both, very good! The Hungarian riders are training very hard and very professionally and i think that with a bit more competiton experience we will be seeing some of them in the UCI Top Ten very soon!”

Below are the results of the Elite competition, videos of the German and Hungarian riders who were there and a collection of photos.


- 20" & 26" Podiums:

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- Elite 20":

    • 1. Matthias Mrohs 16
    • 2. Hegedus László 22
    • 3. Mátyási Zoltán 49
    • 4. Nagy Dániel 71
    • 5. Bay László 75
    • 6. Bélavári Tibor 80
    • 7. Majoros János 80

- Elite 26":

    • 1.Thomas Mrohs 19
    • 2. Hegedus László 22
    • 3. Lengyel Adrián 55
    • 4. Stefán László 56
    • 5. Leskó József 56
    • 6. Campean Bogdan 64
    • 7. Végh András 72
    • 8. Sári Zsolt 75
    • 9. Bögös Balázs 77
    • 10. Kaiser Tamás 79
    • 11. Nagy Dániel 80

- The event also played host to the Hungarian Cup, here are the photos of the various podiums of the day!

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- First, an HD video of the two winners, the Mrohs on their Hoffmanns (Hoffmen?)!

- A further HD video of the runner up in both categories, top Koxx rider Hegedus Lazlo, by Legendary Joe...

- And finally, a video from, who organised the competition featuring footage of the leaders and some of the other riders who took part

- Another video by P1sti-productions, a Hungarian editor who regularly brings out web videos of a very high quality. This is no exception and shows the difficulty of competition at the highest level.


A collection of photos sent to us by, and the official website for the event (photos by: Vinyó).

More photos here:
- Balaton Bike Fest - beszámoló
- Balaton Trial Finals

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