Vidéo & interview : Jeff Anderson ride Hope Slide !

Video and interview: Jeff Anderson Rides Hope Slide !

Monday 25 April 2016
by Flodub
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JPEG - 227.6 kb Saint-Exupéry wrote: "The Beauty of the Mountain reveals only to those who climbed it..." a deep thought that could be the title of the video!

This is an astonishing video on an amazing spot with huge rocks. A whole life wouldn’t be long enough to ride the entire spot! Hope Slide! Hope is a city in east Vancouver and it’s a nice place with beautiful scenery. In January 1965, 47 million cubic meters of rock and mud fell down from the Johnson peak. It was the biggest landslide ever in North America. It even filled up a lake (Outran lake)! But, "nature knows best" and, the landslide became trials riders’ paradise!

Amazing spot, tricky lines, big moves, big rocks, POV shots, all the ingredients to make a good video! We also asked Jeff a couple of questions about his plans for this year. He hopes he will make a new world cup season, but he is facing one problem: money! You can help him by making a donation on, and if you want some news throughout his season:


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Hi Jeff! What an incredible spot! Can you tell us more about this place that is not far from your home!

Hope Slide is a place that I really wanted to go to, but never got around to it until now. The slide is located 2.5hrs east of Vancouver Canada. The slide is a very massive place. We were there a whole day filming this video and only covered a very small portion of the area. Wikipedia says the slide contains "47 million cubic meters of pulverized rock, mud, and debris 85 metres (279 ft) deep and 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) wide, which came down the 2,000-metre (6,600 ft) mountainside", So you can imagine how this is a vast place. Unfortunately, 4 people were killed in this slide as it covered a highway through the mountains back in 1965.

Ok, let’s talk about your 2015 season. You came from the other side of the Atlanctic for the second time? You also won the North American Championship?

Yeah I managed to come back to Europe in 2015. I had an up and down season for the UCI Competitions. My best result was 11th in Austria and my worst result was 26th in Poland, I ended up 14th in the World Cup. The World Champs in Andorra had some crazy weather and it was not my day I ended up placing 20th.

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Last year was cool because NATS (North American Trials Series) decided to have a championship event in Keystone,Colorado USA. The event was great because it got riders together from all over North America. North American riders generally don’t get together often in North America because travel costs are about the same as to go to Europe to a UCI competition. I am looking forward to this year NATS Championship and hopefully the event will keep growing bigger.

JPEG - 117.1 kb

This video shows how much you trained last winter to improve your riding! Are you planning to do a 3rd season in Europe?

Thanks, I have been concentrating on riding this off-season to improve upon my skills acquired from the 2014 and 2015 seasons. I am turning 29 this year so I can’t stop because I only have a few good years they say émoticône wink. That being said I feel like I am steadily improving my riding, so maybe I am just a late bloomer.

JPEG - 390 kb JPEG - 429.3 kb JPEG - 416.6 kb

JPEG - 199.9 kb I am planning on coming back to compete for a third season in a row, but I may miss a few events due to the financial cost of travel to Europe from Vancouver. I have started fundraising for these events and have raised just under $3000 for travel expenses. My goal is to fund raise 50% of my travel expense, which will be around $8K. I have started a crowd-funding page if anyone would like to donate:!

What are your other plans for this season?

Other than the UCI competitions, this season I am starting a Trials School in Vancouver call "Learn Bike Trials School". I have already started teaching lessons and hope to have the website fully functional soon. Trials is hard and the only way to grow this sport is to get the kids out and teach them how to ride.

Your bike is a 100% made in Canada and is now available in many different colours?

Yess! They are hand made in a small factory in Vancouver. Yess Products and I were pondering the idea for a while to give custom colour options and the only way to really do that was to sell direct from the factory. So we got the website setup and now you can buy your own custom colour Yess Trials Frame at There are over 2000 colours that you can choose from so be prepared to take some time to choose your colour! Because Yess is selling direct, they were also able to lower the price of these frames. So in my opinion these are the highest quality and lowest priced frames on the market starting at $480 CAD

JPEG - 149.9 kb

Good deal! And this year you are sponsored by the biggest trials shop in Canada?

Yes I am happy to say that and I have teamed up for the 2016 season. We will be working together to releasing more media like this HopeSlide video and hopefully it will inspire more kids to get into Trials!

JPEG - 448.7 kb JPEG - 152.8 kb

Thank you and good luck for this new season!!

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