Tyke Trial Rounds 1 & 2

Friday 22 April 2011
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 17.2 kb The Tyke Trial Club Championship is now in full swing, with two rounds having already been held in March and April and another coming in just a few weeks. Here’s a round up of rounds one and two with full results and photos.

Round 1 – Shipley Glen, 13th March

JPEG - 234.2 kb

The first round of the Championship took place at the popular venue of Shipley Glen on a pleasant mid-March Sunday. A slightly wet and cold start to the day gave way to glorious sunshine and blue skies which soon saw the rocks and banks drying out and riders cheering up! Just over 40 riders came along to what was for many the first competition of the season and put themselves to the test over eight sections set along the top of the glen and on the wooded slopes below. Scores ranged from single figures (and in the case of one far-too-talented young rider, a single dab!) to the high seventies, and there was plenty of action to be seen throughout the day!


It was a Tribal Zine 1, 2, 3 in Elite class, which we were very pleased to see! Jack Carthy (Koxx/Tarty Bikes/Tribal Zine]) took the win, storming through the sections, dropping just one point on his first lap! The move to 26” has obviously done him good! He was followed by Jamie Bew (winner of the 2010 Ben Carlile award for the club member who contributed most to the club throughout the season), who finished on 41 – a respectable score which just goes to show how good Jack is getting, as Jamie is a very talented rider! Steve Rogers wasn’t far behind on 47 after either fiving or cleaning almost every section in a do or die fashion!

Elite Podium

JPEG - 237.8 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Jack Carthy 1
2 Jamie Bew 41
3 Steve Rogers 47


Jack Chapman finished on top in Expert class, dropping just two points, one on each lap, all day. He was followed by Chris Rider on 26, who had a good first lap but picked up a few fives on his second, putting him out of reach of the top spot. Promising up-and-coming rider Jed Hesling completed the podium with 28. Jed has been steadily working his way up the ranks and is definitely one of the more consistent and determined riders in the club – expect more podiums from him in 2011!

Expert Podium

JPEG - 231.8 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Jack Chapman 2
2 Chris Rider 26
3 Jed Hesling 28


Another rider who has been plugging away and getting good results in 2010 and 2011 is Owen Gawthorpe, who took the win in Cadet class at Shipley, coming in on 13, two fives on his second lap meaning he missed out on the elusive perfect lap. Second place went to Bradley Stead on 19, while Chris Bland came in third on 41.

Cadet Podium

JPEG - 238.2 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Owen Gawthorpe 13
2 Bradley Stead 19
3 Chris Bland 41


As usual, Intermediate class saw the highest entries of the day, with young and new riders swelling the ranks. With the Rolls brothers and Adam Morewood away in Spain for the (cancelled) European Championship, it was logical that TJ Reynoldson would take the win, which he did convincingly, finishing on just ten points. John Sunter came in second on 28, followed by Craig Patrick on 34.

Intermediate Podium

JPEG - 216.6 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 TJ Reynoldson 10
2 John Sunter 28
3 Craig Patrick 34


Michael Wilson finished first in Novice class with 22 points, ahead of Harry Francis on 24 and Aden Firth-Corner on 32. The youngsters snapping at the older rider’s heels and showing him a thing or two!

Novice Podium

JPEG - 224.1 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Michael Wilson 22
2 Harry Francis 24
3 Aden Firth-Corner 32


Oliver Rouse finished with 14 points to take the win in Primary class.

Primary Podium

JPEG - 228 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Oliver Rouse 14

Full Results:

PDF - 31.3 kb


Thanks to Paul Hesling and Brian Hopps for the photos.

JPEG - 342.7 kb JPEG - 321.4 kb JPEG - 266.1 kb JPEG - 189.1 kb JPEG - 326.3 kb JPEG - 255.4 kb JPEG - 272.2 kb JPEG - 321.1 kb JPEG - 235.8 kb JPEG - 292.2 kb JPEG - 123.2 kb JPEG - 342.1 kb JPEG - 241 kb JPEG - 341.1 kb JPEG - 239.2 kb JPEG - 119.2 kb JPEG - 123.5 kb JPEG - 109.3 kb JPEG - 100.3 kb JPEG - 115.3 kb JPEG - 92.5 kb JPEG - 116.3 kb JPEG - 90.9 kb JPEG - 110.4 kb JPEG - 103.8 kb JPEG - 105.6 kb JPEG - 110.5 kb JPEG - 84.1 kb JPEG - 71.7 kb JPEG - 94.4 kb

Round 2 – Harden Moor, 3rd April

Despite a sunny and cloudless start to the day, by the time the trial got started the sky had clouded over and was threatening rain… Luckily it held off while the 33 riders were making their way around the sections, with the first drops falling as the medals were presented. As usual, eight sections had been set across the three main areas of the quarry site, with riders facing challenging uphills, technical passages and big moves.


In a repeat of his exploits in the first round, Jack Carthy flew round the sections, taking the giant steps and cavernous gaps in his stride, dropping just one point on his first lap, learning from his mistake to come in clean on his second and take the win in Elite class. He was joined on the podium by Tribal Rider Steve Rogers who finished on 40 and Michael Singleton (Phat Works) with 43.

Elite Podium

JPEG - 484.7 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Jack Carthy 1
2 Steve Rogers 40
3 Michael Singleton 43


Expert class was a closely fought competition, with eventual winner Jack Chapman managing the perfect trial, coming in clean after both laps, followed by Ross Clayton on one and James Bancroft on three!

Expert Podium

JPEG - 567.4 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Jack Chapman 0
2 Ross Clayton 1
3 James Bancroft 3


Owen Gawthorpe took the win in cadet again, dropping just 2 points on his second lap after a clean first lap. The podium was completed by Bradley Stead on 10 and Rob Feeley on 22.

Cadet Podium

JPEG - 610.9 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Owen Gawthorpe 2
2 Bradley Stead 10
3 Rob Feeley 22


TJ Reynoldson, riding high after his first round victory, managed the second perfect trial of the day, coming in clean after both lap. Adam Morewood finished in second place on one and Tribal Rider Charlie Rolls finished in third with two.

Intermediate Podium

JPEG - 626.7 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 TJ Reynoldson 0
2 Adam Morewood 1
3 Charlie Rolls 2


Aden Firth-Corner came in first in Novice class, dropping two points on his first lap and cleaning his second. Reece Seymour finished on 7, three points ahead of his brother Jordan who came in with 10 points on his card to complete the podium.

Novice Podium

JPEG - 617.7 kb

Pos. Rider Pts.
1 Aden Firth-Corner 2
2 Reece Seymour 7
3 Jordan Seymour 10

Full Results:

PDF - 33.2 kb

The next round of the Tyke Trial Club Championship is on the 15th May at Lee Mill Quarry. This fantastic purpose-built venue always provides some great sections, with a mix of man-made and natural obstacles making for gruelling technical passages, big moves and some fun stuff thrown in for good measure. You can enter online on the Biketrial Federation events page or by downloading the form and sending it by post. Contact Ben Swales at [email protected] for more information.

Thanks to Paul Hesling for the photos.


JPEG - 175.1 kb JPEG - 186.4 kb JPEG - 303.4 kb JPEG - 181.8 kb JPEG - 188.9 kb JPEG - 165.5 kb JPEG - 247.5 kb JPEG - 266.9 kb JPEG - 179.8 kb JPEG - 313.3 kb JPEG - 157.7 kb JPEG - 180.3 kb JPEG - 310.8 kb

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