Tribal Zine & K-124 !

Tribal Zine & K-124 !

Sunday 10 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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2010 has started in style for Tribal Zine, we’re on our back wheel and kicking hard! After reinforcing our partnership with the world’s No. 1 trials magazine, Trial Mag, taking over the bicycle part of the magazine (the next issue will be amazing!), we entered into a partnership with Spain’s No. 1 trials forum, Trials-Riders, which has allowed us to launch a Spanish version of Tribal Zine, with the young Alvaro Lopez, a true trial hero, in charge. Now we’re pleased to announce another new partnership… Tribal Zine are now associated with the world leader in trials, the K-124, who have been leading the discipline for ten years now with their innovative new parts and bikes and their team of superhuman riders! Tribal Zine will now take part on the promotions of the group’s brands (Koxx, Yaabaa, Try-All, Nowar) and of their online shop K-124 House, managed by Maxime Gallard, will whom we have already undertaken some big projects (K-124 Days 2009). Tribal Zine will therefore follow closely the news and developments from the discipline’s world leader: their new products, which are always at the highest level of innovation, their dream team their events, promotions etc... This ambitious partnership will allow us to launch some new projects, one of which we are particularly excited about and which should be unveiled this week.

Of course, your trials webzine will continue its partnerships with the companies that have supported us throughout 2009, helping us to become what we are today. At their head, Ozonys and their online shop Sphère Bike, who also deal in Inspired, Trialtech, ViZ, Fans, Neon and Because, specialists in 26” and 20” competition bikes and more recently 24”! Ozonys have imposed themselves as one of the leaders in competition trials in less than four years and have just put their new range of bikes (the new Cannibals and Curves), which is one of the most accomplished ranges of the year, on the market. The future looks good for our second partner. Trialprod is our third partner for 2010. This shop, which has become very popular in France thanks to their seriousness and their impressive catalogue, intend to step things up this year and will lend us all of their support. At the same time we will be associated with the Singapore trials brand that is proving to be one of the more popular brands of the moment, Rockman Bikes. We will also continue our association with Thibault Marriaux, who launched this year the TMS-Bikevision team and developed one of the most innovative bikes on the market, the magnificent Evo 3. Thibaut has some surprises for us in 2010, with the arrival in the coming months of the Evo 3’s little brother, the Twenty, and a 100% street model, the Combo!

PNG - 290.2 kb So Tribal Zine is supported by the best and in turn promises you the best for 2010! We will be bringing you all of the news and developments that show that our sport is growing and growing and gaining more and more media attention. We’d like to thank all of our partners for 2010 for their support and confidence, especially Dominique Hermance, who logs on every day to check out the news! And thanks also to all of you who help to keep you “by riders for riders” site going by sending us your news, videos and photos from all four corners of the world. And to all the riders who stop bay for your daily dose of trials!

A look back at K-124 Days 2009...

Last year, K-124 Days and Tribal Zine worked together during the K-124 Days festival 2009: Tribal Zine were the official media for the festival and allowed you to follow the events live online from the K-124 House in Paris and from Buthiers. We then brought you THE video of the event, brilliantly edited by Marcus Gelhard. Get ready for more of the same for K-124 Days 2010. Tribal Zine will once again be at the heart of the event bringing you all of the news and media, as they happen!

The ninth K-124 Days; more impressive than ever…

PNG - 370.3 kb The 2009 season got off to a great start, with a particularly intense K-124 Days. Spectators were able to attend one of the most difficult and passionate competitions ever organised. For those o you who couldn’t make it, Tribal Zine, with the support of K-124 brought you day-to-day coverage of the event, with the first images of the future Sky 26”, which were officially unveiled at the festival (Presentation of the 2009 Sky 26") and then, the day after the competitions, a best of photo album and a sneak preview of the results (K-124 Days 2009 – Round 1 & The K-124 Days 2009 final).

Tribal Zine also brought you THE official K-124 Days video, filmed with three cameras (Marcus Gelhard, Nicolas Ollier and Nicolas Marsac) fitted with steadycam equipment, that allowed you to watcha and rewatch the highlights of the weekend! To watch it again, click here! It was a great HD multicamera video that allowed us to relive this amazing weekend of trials in all of its intensity and from all angles! It included the first footage of the famous Paris street session, led this year by Benito Ros. From there its straight to Buthiers for the K-124 Days festival proper, with some magnificent footage and some dynamic and professional editing. Between the footage of the two competitions, the two superhuman riders Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier gave us their thoughts on the Super Elite sections, which were of an unprecedented level of difficulty, told us about their bikes (the first Sky prototypes), and admitted to feeling stress during comps, like any other human being… It’s 18 minutes of pure trials pleasure, to be watched and rewatched, preferable in HD! Here are a few images from what has been hailed as one of the best videos of the year…


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Thursday 7 January 2010
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Inpulse Racing Bikes

An interview with Cédric Fontenoy, who has launched a new brand of competition trials bikes, Inpulse, and a team of riders to represent it, with his brother Aurélien Fontenoy at its head!

Thursday 7 January 2010
by Ben Swales

Interview with Raúl Gutiérrez

An exclusive interview with Spanish Elite rider Raúl Gutiérrez, in which he tells us about his 2009 season and his goals for 2010.

Wednesday 6 January 2010
by Ben Swales

Tribal Zine & Trials-Riders

A Spanish section has been added to your "for riders by riders" website, with a certain Alvaro Lopez, administrator of Spain’s N°1 forum, at its helm!

Thursday 31 December 2009
by Ben Swales

Happy Holidays from Tribal Zine!

Happy holidays and all the best for 2010 from the whole Tribal Zine team! We’ve got plenty planned to make it a good year for you all!

mercredi 30 décembre 2009
par Jebegood , Laurent

Danny dans le New York Times !

La saga MacAskill continue... Le pilote Inspired/Red Bull a fait l’objet lundi dernier d’un article dans le prestigieux New York Times, qui revient sur son incroyable ascension, depuis son premier vélo jusqu’à aujourd’hui !

Tuesday 29 December 2009
by Ben Swales

Vittorio Brumotti... Trials, politics & TV !

Trials is getting media coverage in Italy, thanks to Vittorio Brumotti, who mixes the sport with politics in a TV show that has 8 million viewers a day!

Wednesday 23 December 2009
by Ben Swales

Rockman Manus & Aurem III

Rockman have sent us some exclusive photos of their 2010 20" models, the Aurem III and the Manus, which are constructed from U6 Aluminium and are even lighter than before!

Wednesday 16 December 2009
by Ben Swales

The 2010 Rockman range

Rockman have unveiled their 2010 20" range: The Aurem is still in their catalogue, with a few changes (anodised finish, even lighter frame) and a new, shorter model has joined the ranks - the Manus!

Tuesday 15 December 2009
by Ben Swales

Presentation of the Curve 26

Last week we showed you Bruno Arnold’s new Curve 26. Now here are some studio photos of Ozonys’ new ultra-top-of-the-range bike.

Tuesday 15 December 2009
by Ben Swales

Jorge Ferreira’s green Slate

Jorge "Mister Trial" Ferreira, a well known face on the Portuguese circuit, with five Portuguese Champion titles under his belt, has sent us these photos of his new bike, a Rockman Slate that weighs just 8.565kg!

Saturday 12 December 2009
by Ben Swales

The project

Peter Green is a Russian trials rider from Moscow, a passionate street rider and designer who has just put a brilliant website online that allows trials riders the world over to connect with each other.

Saturday 12 December 2009
by Ben Swales

New Rock products at Trialprod

The new Rock products have arrived at Trialprod - Superb forks with a one-piece steerer, new riser bars and brake pads with CNC backings!

samedi 12 décembre 2009
par Jebegood , Ozonys

Presentation du Curve 26

Nous vous avons présenté la semaine dernières les premières photos du Curve 26 de Bruno Arnold. Voici à présent des photos studio du nouveau ultra haut de gamme Ozonys !

Thursday 10 December 2009
by Ben Swales

New ViZ products at Trialprod

Trialprod have received a new delivery of ViZ products: single wall rims (the lightest on the market), forks, bars and stems!


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