Tribal Riding de la St Valentin

Tribal Riding on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday 23 February 2010
by Ben Swales
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PNG - 98.9 kb Valentine’s Day... Many people will have spent it loved up and acting like big kids. Others, like Pizza and Jebegood, were unable to resist the call of the rocks and met up at a “secret spot”. The spot in question is a massive, technical quarry about 30 miles outside Paris, filled with rocks as far as the eye can see. There’s something for all levels and you could spend your whole life there and still not ride everything. The quarry is still in use so the rocky terrain is constantly changing. We’re not going to guard the secret that closely, so if one day you fancy riding in this giant quarry, get in touch!

PNG - 281 kb On Valentine’s day, Pizza must have borrowed cupid’s wings he was riding so high up! He was pulling off moves at heights that most people wouldn’t even think about climbing to. He landed a gap to front nearly six metres off the ground before coming back down to Earth, hopping on his rear wheel all the way. Total control. Here are a few photos of the Valentine’s Day Tribal ride…

Jébegood unloads the Tribal Car... A 2CV that we haven’t had time to customise with the Tribal colours, but that won’t last long – the stickers are in the garage (although they HAVE been there for over a year…).

JPEG - 204.9 kb

Pizza with a big gap...

JPEG - 129.7 kb JPEG - 134.2 kb

An enormous sidehop from a rocky take-off a good 1.2m lower and a technical landing…

JPEG - 163.3 kb

Pizza with a big gap…

JPEG - 90.4 kb JPEG - 104.2 kb

A tricky gap...

JPEG - 170.6 kb JPEG - 158.1 kb JPEG - 134.5 kb JPEG - 107.3 kb

Hardcore move...

JPEG - 112.5 kb JPEG - 113.6 kb JPEG - 114.8 kb

A quick rest/pose before tackling a new section…

JPEG - 125.9 kb

Pizza heads for the dizzy heights…

JPEG - 88.6 kb JPEG - 100.9 kb JPEG - 91.4 kb JPEG - 100.7 kb JPEG - 80.2 kb

Back down to Earth... No fear...

JPEG - 109.3 kb

Warming up on a little rock…

JPEG - 202 kb JPEG - 226.4 kb JPEG - 203.7 kb JPEG - 150.6 kb JPEG - 92 kb

A Tribal Zine exclusive: the new “white” Conti tyres…

JPEG - 182.4 kb JPEG - 259 kb

Another tap...

JPEG - 233.7 kb JPEG - 203.8 kb JPEG - 174.7 kb


JPEG - 190.6 kb JPEG - 147.8 kb

Footage from Vancouver inspired us to try a bit of ice skating…

JPEG - 120.6 kb

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