La Seconde Classique d’Orrius

The Second Orrius Classic

Tuesday 1 December 2009
by Ben Swales
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The development of trials has accelerated over the last few years, with competition bikes being far more advanced, so that we have at our disposal real tools of the trade. 2009 was without doubt the year that 24” street-trials emerged in full force, a genre of riding that has emancipated itself entirely from the natural roots of the sport, with Scottish rider Danny Macaskill at the helm. Another discipline has emerged in Catalonia, Spain, that goes back to the very origins of the sport: “classic” trials, which has been an institution in the motorized branch of the sport for quite some time now! It is practiced on “old school” sections and on collectable trials bikes. For the moment it seems that “classic” trials is really only popular in Catalonia, where a true comp circuit is in existence and the bikes of yesteryear are venerated as they deserve to be.

PNG - 368.7 kb Joan Ferrer, better known as "PIU", sent us an article on the origins of trials, along with some photos of some classic bikes that have been restored (The origins of Bike Trial). He told us that the next competition of the classic circuit will take place in his stomping ground in a few days: The "Second Òrrius Classic” will take place on the 6th of December. Among the riders who have confirmed their attendance are Codina, Carles Montaner, Joan Solé Rovira, Joan Pons, Alex Rubies, Félix Guerrero, Ricard Sans and Lluís Campmajó.

The competition will take place over two laps of a circuit of ten sections over a distance of about 2km. There will be several levels of difficulty; Blue (Easy), Red (Difficult) and Open (for modern bikes). The organisation team, composed of Joan Albert (Òrrius Trials and Cycling school), Lluís Campmajó et Joan "PIU" Ferrer extend a friendly invitation to all and sundry to join them in Orrius, near Barcelona, to discover the joys of trials as it once was. Back to the Roots!

The official event poster:

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A few photos from the first Òrrius classic:

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The Òrrius biketrial team:

From left to right, Llorenç Llongueras (Organiser), Lluís Campmajó (Organiser and former rider), Joan Albert (Organiser and director of the Òrrius Trials and Cycling school, former rider) and Joan “PIU” Ferrer (Organiser and former rider).

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A photo of the magnificent Montesa T-15 that PIU is restoring in order to be able to compete at Òrrius (if his knee injury will let him).

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Some photos from the archives “PIU” in action:

1979, on a GAC-Motoretta (built by Janer- Motos Argentona)

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1981, on a prototype Montesa T-10 (the future T-15)

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1983, on aDerbi Panther MX2 (that he built himself)

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