La finale Elite 20" de Mont Sainte-Anne

The Mont Sainte-Anne Elite 20" Final

Tuesday 7 September 2010
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 145.6 kb The Elite 20" final of the 2010 World Championships in Mont Sainte-Anne once again saw the crowning of the grand master of world 20” trials, Spaniard Benito Ros, who imposed himself on the enormous, spectacular and varied artificial sections, worthy of the biggest European World Cup rounds… But “La Bestia” had to fight for his title this year… the student is now on equal terms with the master; Abel Mustieles rode extremely well and was in the lead after the first lap, but Benito got his head down on the second lap and took his seventh Elite world title, his third consecutive double – World Champion and World Cup winner. Rick Koekoek (Netherlands) was on the third step of the podium behind the two Spanish machines, a fitting end to an excellent season! Four members of the Tribal Team were on hand to bring you their impressions of the action, including Julien “El Pinpino” Letrouit, an active member of the Quebec trials season who was instrumental in the creation of the Taz park in Montréal and one of the founders of Tribal Zine (in 1998, don’t we feel old !) And Sylvain “Sylbegood” Randier, the brother of the webmaster/editor of your website… It’s like a waking dream for them as they watch the extraordinary performances of the greatest riders on the planet on the enormous, original and well-thought-out sections that had been set by the Gestev team.

Our impressions...

PNG - 303.1 kb The sections, which had been tricky enough for the Juniors had been made harder for the Elite competition, much harder! Thibaut Veuillet, who set the sections, is not taking the level of the riders lightly! Not one of the Elite riders managed to get through the first section, with its narrow, technical log passages. And things would only get harder as, ten minutes after the start of the competition, the rain began to fall, rendering certain sections completely impossible and forcing the organisers to simplify some passages for the second lap.

It quickly became obvious that, once again, Benito Ros was dominating. He got through the sections with alarming ease; where other riders struggled, he just rode straight on through. He alone almost got through the dreaded section one, but he missed a gate and was given a five! He was also the only rider to stick the massive “A” and “D” of the “Canada” section to back wheel – impressive!

The ever more impressive Abel Mustieles was not far behind, despite this being his first Championship in this category. Two sections from the end, he was just one point behind Benito and was in with a chance of taking the title from his mentor! Especially as by then the sun was shining and the sections were drying out and becoming less unpredictable. However, two mistakes in the last two sections meant that the gap was too great and he finished in second place. Still though, he’s snapping at Benito’s heels and next season is sure to be a closely fought one!


The Grand Master…

JPEG - 182.6 kb JPEG - 120 kb JPEG - 68.3 kb JPEG - 173.3 kb JPEG - 93.2 kb JPEG - 767.5 kb JPEG - 1 Mb JPEG - 803.9 kb

His protégé… a master in the making…

JPEG - 174.2 kb JPEG - 221.1 kb JPEG - 616.1 kb

Rick Koekoek has had a great season!

JPEG - 165.9 kb

Carles Diaz finished in fourth place…

JPEG - 193.7 kb

JPEG - 194.2 kb

Swiss Champion Loris Braun, fifth...

JPEG - 186.3 kb

Matthias Mrohs, Vice-German Champion, finished sixth…

JPEG - 120.3 kb

JPEG - 186.3 kb

British 26” Champion Ben Savage finished seventh in the 20” World Championship…

JPEG - 157.5 kb

Aurélien Fontenoy finished in eighth place…

JPEG - 474.9 kb

JPEG - 287.7 kb


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Mont Sainte-Anne 2010 - Elite 20

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