La Coupe d’Europe EBU de Saïx

The European Cup in Saïx

Tuesday 28 June 2011
by Ben Swales
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The second round of the BIU European Cup took place last week in Saïx, and it was a great success; extremely well organised by the Bike Tarn Sud club and their 100 or so volunteers. Along with the local Ufolep delegation, with magnificent sections, massive media coverage and huge crowds of spectators (nearly 5,000!). Sunday’s competition often left us with the impression that we were at a World Cup round run by ‘the other federation’… The Elite sections were of a similar style to a UCI comp, with big moves at great heights. The Czech Republic’s David Herka took the win on these enormous sections, dominating the competition ahead of Swede Björn Levin fellow Czech Vaclav Kolar. PNG - 353.6 kb France’s Tom Francisco and Maxime Kolb finished in fourth and fifth places. The UK’s Scott Wilson finished in 6th place in Elite, while Adam Morewood, a dominant force in Poussin category, finished atop the podium once again, with just three points on his punchcard! His dad Robin was very impressed with the event, saying “we had a great weekend in France. The weather on the day of the trial was superb and the club had set out 8 sections for Poussin, Femina & Minime and 10 sections for all the other classes. Each section had at least two observers and a total of 130 volunteers helping out and a reported 5000 spectators turned up. The sections were all man made but using natural rocks or concrete pipes. Adam started off great with a clean 1st lap followed by 3 dabs on the water section 2nd time round to take the win in front of Spaniard Alan Rovira on 7 marks.

Below are the podium photos and full results from this round, along with a few photos of the event. The closing and awards ceremonies were something else as well, with a national anthem and flag raising for each category.

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Yannick Escoute, the main man behind the organisation, was really pleased with the way things turned out... In all modesty, this European Cup round was a great success. The organisation went without a hitch, the volunteers were great and there were thousands of spectators, all of which made this round one of the most enjoyable yet. The list of people to thank is obviously a very long one, so I’ll just thank everybody at once. And I’m sure no one would reproach me for thanking Ufolep 81 delegate Amélie Prospert and Fabrice Legueuvaques for their hard work and complete commitment during the months of work that went into this event. Thanks also to all of the volunteers, parents, friends, families, the association, the club, the local community, Ufolep, and of course, all of the event sponsors! I had a dream, it was all of you that made it happen! Thank you all!


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You can see a photo gallery form the event on the Euro Bike Trial website by clicking here: Pictures from European Cup, 2nd round, France. More action shots below!

The Saïx round of the European Cup was exceptional… It’s rare to see such impressive organisation and logistics at a trial!

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Over one hundred volunteers supported the organising team, there was even a truck to take food a drink around to the observers!

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5,000 turned out on Sunday to watch the trial!

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The event was an enormous success for Yannick Escoute, the main organiser of the event, and Libor Musil, President of the European Bike Trial Union!

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Koxx and Tribal Rider Tom Francisco before the start of the competition, chatting with Björn Levin and picking up his punchcard…

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David Herka, Elite winner.

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Björn Levin, 2nd Elite.

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Vaclav Kolar, 3rd Elite.

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Tom Francisco, 4th Elite.

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Maxime Kolb, 5th Elite.

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The UK’s Scott Wilson, 6th Elite.

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"Local hero" Yannich Duteil, Senior winner.

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Alexandre Fabregas, 2nd Senior.

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Catalan Feran Granollers, 3rd Senior.

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Martin Kakac (Czech Republic), 4th Senior.

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Ladislav Janoska, Junior winner.

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Sweden’s Joachim Nymann, 2nd Junior.

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Czech Republic’s Jan Musil, 3rd Junior.

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Ludovic Fabregas, Minime winner.

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Louis ‘Le Grillontosaure’ Grillon, Benjamin winner.

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Belgium’s Romain Léonard, 3rd Benjamin.

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Catalan Gerard Trueba, 4th Benjamin

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Czech rider Krystof Malek, 5th Benjamin

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Adam Morewood, Poussin winner

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Catalan Alan Rovira, 2nd Poussin

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