Tarty Days 2013

Tuesday 6 August 2013
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 101.4 kb After a year out in 2012, Tarty Days is back for 2013 - and this year’s edition looks set to be better than ever! Taking place at the Radical Bikes Trials Park near Chelmsford in Essex on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August, there will be plenty to ride and plenty of featured events throughout the weekend. The purpose built trials park at Radical Bikes, which has a huge array of obstacles, will have been moved around to open up new lines and moves, so even if you’ve ridden there this summer, you’ll have plenty of new setups to ride! And at just £25 for a weekend ticket, which includes a goodie bag, unique Tarty Days 2013 t-shirt and access to all of the featured events, you’d have to have a pretty good reason not to go!

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Tarty Days 2013

The weekend kicks off at 10am on Saturday 25th August, although people are welcome to arrive on Friday evening to ensure that they’re there for the start of the event and camping and on-site parking are also included in the ticket price. Monday 26th is a Bank Holiday in the UK as well, so there’s no need to rush back home on Sunday afternoon/evening and camping is available and free of charge on Sunday night. Please note that there is no riding on the Friday so the organisers recommend arriving fairly late on, and that if you wish to ride on the Monday it is a normal day at Radical Bikes and you will need to pay for a day pass from the hut before riding.

The main agenda for the weekend will be plenty of riding, but the Tarty guys have plenty of activities planned to keep you entertained throughout the two days! As well as all the riding based fun, some of their main suppliers will also have stands showing off their latest products and media. Jitsie, Inspired, Trialtech, Phoenix Riders Co., Onza, Heatsink Bikes and more will be there and they will be joined by some of their top riders including Dani Comas, Ali Clarkson and Danny MacAskill!

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The events that will be run over the course of the weekend will include the UK’s first Eliminator Trial, inspired by the one at Dressler Camp. The idea behind the Eliminator is quite simple, but should be great fun for riders of all abilities, even a complete beginner! It features one long section that starts off with very basic moves and get progressively more difficult as the section goes on. With no time limit and no dabs allowed, riders are challenged to see how far through the section they can get. There will be checkpoints along the way where riders will pick up prizes, so even the youngest and smallest riders can win something! The last move in the section will be very difficult and something only a few riders can make. Check out the video guide put together by the guys at Dressler for an idea of what this event will entail:

Dressler’s Trial Eliminator from DRESSLERshop on Vimeo.

Everyone should have a go at the Brakeless Challenge, a short brakeless section using an Inspired bike with open practice and a Top Gear style leader board running on both days and the five fastest times qualifying for the final on Sunday. There will also be Rider Coaching throughout the weekend, with free instruction sessions with Tarty Bikes team riders and some of the pros that will be there. Each session will last around 20-30 minutes and should provide a great opportunity for riders to tap into the knowledge and experience of some of the UK and Europe’s best riders. The finale of the weekend will be Sunday’s Freestyle Competition, with riders competing in a jam format to impress the judges and win prizes!

There will be other activities and competitions running alongside these great riding events, including a Guess the Weight Competition, Mario Kart Wii Tournament, Video Screenings and a ’Hit the Nail’ competition that may or may not be derived from a drinking game!

Entry to all of these events is included in the ticket price and can be booked upon signing on at the event, and there will be prizes for everything!

JPEG - 254.4 kb As if all that wasn’t enough, the Tarty guys are giving you the opportunity to choose what music you hear over the weekend as well! If you use Spotify you can send music suggestions to their account (just search for spotify:user:TartyBikes) and it’ll go in to the playlist to will be played over the PA system, meaning that you get to listen to the music that you want to hear, without the need for headphones. What a cool idea!

Tickets and Prices

Tickets are on sale now and are available from the Tarty Bikes website, here.

A weekend wristband costs just £25 and includes a goodie bag with items from Tarty Bikes and their suppliers, a site plan and timetable, a unique Tarty Days 2013 tshirt and entry to all of the weekend’s events.

Detailed instructions on how to get to the event and where to find the nearest shops and facilities are available on the Tarty Bikes website on the Tarty Days page.


Here are some photos to give you an idea of what is available to ride at the Radical Bikes park, although some of these obstacles and areas will have been moved, updated and added to especially for Tarty Days.

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