Tarty Days 2011 – less than a week to go!

Sunday 22 May 2011
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 96.3 kb Tarty Days is a three day biketrials festival organised by Matt Barlow and Tarty Bikes. It will take place on the 28th/30th May on the Kimmel Estate in St. George, North Wales.

Run on the same day as the Wood Fest festival, the weekend promises a mixture of relaxed riding, pro demos and competitions. With two large trials arenas, with sections ranging from beginner to pro level, there will be plenty to ride for everyone, regardless of their ability. The Wood Fest facilities (catering, etc.) are also all available to Tarty Days attendees.

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Tickets can be bought for one, two or all three days, with on-site parking and camping included in the price. The prices for tickets are as follows:

1 day £10
2 day £16
3 day £20
10% of each Tarty Days entry fee is donated
to Tearfund, a Christian disaster relief charity.


There will be three demos throughout each day, with an impressive list of riders taking part and a slightly different format to the norm…

Daily Demo Schedule

DEMO 1: Speed trial

  • 4 teams with 5 riders per team
  • Relay style speed trial
  • Semi finals
  • Team 1 vs Team 2
  • Team 3 vs Team 4
  • Final

DEMO 2: Team Battle – Best Trick

  • 8 riders per team
  • 1 pre-determined trick/line per rider
  • Selected members of the crowd judge the winner
  • Although this is a ‘competition’ between two ‘teams’ the emphasis will be on entertainment, banter and inspiration and it really isn’t important who “wins”

DEMO 3: Flow Demo

  • 10 riders in total
  • All riding as one team
  • Pre-determined performance order
  • 2 Pre-determined tricks/lines per rider
  • All 10 riders perform their first line (below personal limit of ability)
  • All 10 riders perform their second line (closer to personal limit of ability)

The riders

International Pro Riders
Aurélien Fontenoy
Rick Koekoek
Antoine Proust
UK Pro-riders
Will Arnold
Adam Bessell
Andrei Burton
Ali Clarkson
Joe Maher
Wayne Mahomet
Jack Meek
Tom Rankin
Ben Rowlands
John Shrewsbury
Ben Slinger
Neil Tunnicliffe

The Arenas

Tarty Days Trials Arena

Modifiable sections
The arena will be set up ready to ride when you arrive however please feel free to move the riding kit around. You can change the sizes of gaps and take offs to suit your ability and also your progression across the three days. You can set your own sections to challenge yourself and your friends – be creative.
Open ALL day
You can ride in the Tarty Days trials arena AT ANY TIME. At Tarty Days 2010 some riders rode almost from Sun-up to Sun-down they were that psyched, here is your opportunity to do that again.
Located near our designated Tarty Days camping area
Maximum convenience and ease
Private – No public allowed
Our own private arena – JUST for riders. Hang out, chill, ride and relax in a true riders only festival atmosphere. If you don’t want the public watching you whilst you ride then this arena is the ideal place. The Woodfest crowds will NOT be allowed to be spectators at the Tarty Days Trials Arena. This arena is for those individuals who have specifically purchased a ticket for Tarty Days.
Riding kit for ALL abilities
This area will contain a range of riding kit but will be particularly suitable for beginners and intermediate level riders.

The Bike Fest Demo Arena

Fixed demo rig
The Woodfest team will create a spectacular demo arena that will be a set, none-modifiable, structure.
Demo performances
Three times a day, every day, there will be Trials Demos tailored specifically for the Woodfest attendees.
Limited periods when the arena is closed to riders
For half an hour prior to every demo the arena will be closed to none-demo riders Located in a prime spot on the Woodfest showground
The Bike Fest demo arena gets a fantastic prominent location A lot of footfall goes right by it It is near the catering area
VERY public (from 10am-5pm)
In past years the ‘Bike Fest Demo Arena’ has almost always had some Woodfest attendees gathered around throughout the entire day. Riding in this arena will be a very public spectacle. However – see below….
JUST FOR US (before 10am and after 5pm)
Want a chance to ride the demo course but without the pressure of being watched by members of the public? No problem. Woodfest is open to the public from 10am – 5pm on each of the three days. Outside of these times you can ride the Bike Fest Demo arena to your heart’s content!


Click here to got to the Tarty Days website and check out their gallery of photos and videos from last year’s event.

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