Rick Koekoek à Anvers et Saint-François Longchamp

Rick Koekoek in Antwerp and Saint-François Longchamp

Wednesday 27 October 2010
by Ben Swales
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Guus Bouwmans is a 17 year old trials rider who rides for the No Dabs shop team. He got in touch with us before the Antwerp round of the World Cup to let is know that he was working on a video of the phenomenal Rick Koekoek, who he was going to follow to the last two rounds of the World Cup in Antwerp and Saint-François Longchamp.

This passionate trials rider and video editor sshowed us the first instalment in his “Rick Koekoek Trilogy” in August, dedicated to the Go Fast / Trialtech rider’s preparation for these big international fixtures, which he did on the big artificial sections in La Plagne with his coach Serge Froissart (Rick Koekoek in La Plagne). This preparation was all the more important as Rick had just come back from a bad injury to both of his ankles! Nevertheless he made it to both of the last two rounds of the World Cup, with big ambitions in mind and managed to finish on the podium in both, as well as overall in the Cup! His next goal was the podium in the World Championship in Mont Sainte-Anne, PNG - 335.9 kb which would be the perfect end to an exceptional season.

Here then is the second instalment of the “Rick Koekoek Trilogy”, dedicated to the last two rounds of the World Cup. We’ll leave you to enjoy the quality of the images and editing from a very talented young filmmaker (and Tribal Rider)…



A few photos of Rick Koekoek et the Antwerp round of the World Cup, by Tribal Zine...

Walking the sections, dress code: casual... Rick finished fourth in the qualifiers the day before, one point behind Carles Diaz. He was determined to better this performance in the final, with his eyes on the podium, despite a recent injury keeping him from training properly over the last few weeks.

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The warm-up for the final… the Dutch rider was incredibly relaxed, landing a big sidehop both ways with worrying ease, even managing it to rear on his good side… He kept attacking the big moves and was equally impressive with his gaps and front wheel moves.

JPEG - 180.7 kb JPEG - 181 kb JPEG - 201.9 kb JPEG - 196.2 kb JPEG - 192.5 kb JPEG - 190 kb JPEG - 152 kb JPEG - 155 kb

The final... Rick Koekoek achieved his goal of finishing on the third step of the podium. He distinguished himself in the concrete section (section 2), which he got through on a clean on both laps!

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The Antwerp podium...

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