Photo by Sergio on the road

Photo by Sergio on the road

Sunday 15 November 2009
by Ben Swales
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Yesterday, our partner Photo by Sergio sent us some superb photos of Gilles Coustellier in training on his new Koxx Grey Sky. He has just uploaded a video that retraces the recent PBS roadtrip, on which they paid a visit to some of the most important bike- and moto-trials personalities.

PNG - 301.8 kb This video, Photo by Sergio on the road, begins with some footage of Gilles’ training session on the rosks at Saint Blaise on Friday 30th October. Then, on the Saturday, they went to watch the Spanish Indoor Championship in Girona and watched Toni Bou at work... Another victory under his belt! Next it was off to Barcelona, where Sergio and his team paid a visit to BIU Spanish and European Champion Dani Comas on Sunday 1st November. We see the Spaniard in action on the new Monty Kamel XXV and also...on a motorbike! The next day they went to the Montesa factory to film and interview Toni Bou. When watching Toni in action, you see just how close moto trials is to biketrials. After a quick stop at the home of Xavier Bisbe, a painter and trials fanatic, and with Pep Banyeres, Takahisa Fulinami’s minder, our friends’ road trip finishes with a visit to Marc Caisso in Fabrègues, where we see the top Atomz rider throwing down some big moves on his raining ground and on the streets on a fluorescent green Quark!



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jeudi 5 novembre 2009
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