Mickaël Dupont, le streeter fou !

Mickaël Dupont, a crazy street rider!

Saturday 18 February 2012
by Ben Swales
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This is the craziest street video that we’ve ever seen! The rider’s name is Mickaël Dupont, he comes from Ouzouer-en-Touraine near Tours in France and (usually) rides an Inspired Fourplay. But recently he decided to change things up a bit and hit the streets on an old ladies bike! To our astonishment, he lands all of the tricks that he usually pulls on his 24” on this rickety old bike: wheelies (which we would find difficult enough), nose wheelies, spins, bunnyhops, rails, you name it, he lands it, even a backflip! No wonder then that the video is causing a stir on the internet, with over 100,000 views in less than two days! Once we’d watched it a few times, we wanted to know more about this crazy rider. Who is Mickaël Dupont? Street riders are a bit of a rarity in France, and this one is a rarity indeed!


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Hi Mickaël, can you introduce yourself to our readers? How long have you been riding? From your style, you look like you’ve had a dabble with BMX before picking up a trials bike?

I’m 30 years old, I live near Tours, and I’ve never ridden BMX, no. I used to ride a Rockrider 5.2 cross country bike and just knew how to do stoppies.

Then, in 2010, I saw Danny MackAskill’s video and that was it! I ordered an inspired and rode it nearly every day. In the space of a year I got to a decent level and released by first video.

and here it is:

JPEG - 75.2 kb That’s incredible, to get to that level in such a short time! What made you want to ride street on an old ladies bike?

When I landed the backflip on my Inspired, a friend of mine and I wondered if it was possible to do it on that ladies bike. Turns out it was! My first two backflips on the ladies bike are the ones in the video. After that, I decided to take it further and put together a full video!

There were three main difficulties; the handling of the bike (none at all), the lack of strength - I went through ten rear rims, four front rims, four handlebars and more! And that was the third difficulty – finding spare parts! I ended up buying three full bikes!

Well, the end result was worth it! Who knew it was possible to ride street like that on a bike like that!

JPEG - 64.8 kb Before I started, I asked myself whether anyone would like the video, so the fact that it’s been watched 100,000 times after just two days was a really nice surprise!

It’s hardly surprising, no one’s ever seen anything like it! Keep us posted on any other crazy ideas you might have!

Of course!

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