DVD Little Limelight 3

Little Limelight 3 DVD

Monday 11 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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PNG - 254.9 kb Björn Henrici, alias «Mister Limelight», is a 28 year old German rider from North Rhineland in the west of Germany who regularly sends us excellent videos of some of the world’s best Elite riders (eg. Rick Koekoek on the rocks) or events (eg. the 2007 World Cup in Melsungen or the 2008 World Cup in Courtrai). Björn puts these videos online but also produces professionally edited DVDs that compile his best clips in their optimum resolution, which can be bought from the German shop Trialmarkt.de. His last opus, Little Limelight 2, was almost an hour long and featured some of Germany’s best riders (Marco Hösel, Max Koch, Sebastian Hoffmann) as well as Elite riders from other countries that he films regularly, such as Rick Koekoek.

The DVD Little Limelight 3 has just been released and Björn has excelled himself once more. The cast is very impressive, with riders from plenty of different countries, including Elite World Champion Benito Ros, “La Bestia”, with some exceptional footage, filmed at his training spot, Junior World Champion Abel Mustieles, the Spanish marvel who we expect to hear more and more about, and moto World Champion Adam Raga! The terrible twins from Spain, Gemma and Mireia Abant, also make an appearance, as does Austrian Thomas Öhler, filmed riding street in Chemnitz, German rider Hannes Hermann, third place in the World Cup final in New Zealand this year, the Fontenoy brothers in Grenoble and, last but not least, our super-rider Pierre-Charles Thomas, a talented street rider of just 17 years of age who had a remarkable season on his Ozonys XR 26 (first place in the BIU European Cup final at Hook Woods in September) and who made a noise on the street scene with his video (Pierre-Charles - street & natural)...

PNG - 240.1 kb Plenty of top riders, exceptional images and a job well done by a true trials fanatic: the perfect Christmas present for any trials rider! Below are the teaser for this new DVD, available from Trialmarkt.de for €12.95, €3 postage for Europe and €6 for the rest of the world. There are also some images by Ulrike, Björn’s girlfriend!


Teaser 1...

Some highlights from Benito’s section, with a monstrous bunnyhop!


“La Bestia”...

JPEG - 25.4 kb

JPEG - 30.3 kb

Adam Raga...

JPEG - 54 kb

Abel Mustieles Garcia...

JPEG - 25.6 kb

JPEG - 40.9 kb

Aurélien Fontenoy...

JPEG - 34.5 kb

Cédric Fontenoy...

JPEG - 36 kb

JPEG - 36.4 kb


JPEG - 54.6 kb

JPEG - 31.6 kb

More images...

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