Joe Brewer, double Champion d’Australie !

Joe Brewer, double Australian Champion!

Friday 22 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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The 2010 Australian Championship took place last weekend in Adelaide. Joe Brewer dominated in the Pro category, winning the 20" and 26" titles in the same day! To conserve his 26" title he had to fight it out in the sections with Andrew Dickey, and the two had to be separated in a ride-off in a previously unridden section!

Our Australian correspondent Mitch Ho, who was riding in Elite, has sent us a write-up of the competition along with the results and a video of the 26" Pro final ride-off by Expressive Bikes.


Mitch tells us about the 2010 Australian Championship, which he was apart of...

JPEG - 43 kb Well I have returned, it was a hard championship. The weather was hot, with a slight breeze but very dusty! The sections were great, a mix of natural and man-made obstacles in the same areas. Very technical and some big drops (over 1.9m) from tree trunks & rocks.

I made a few stupid 5’s then rode fairly well... a few 0, 1, 2’s, but by the end my hands were very tired, I made a few more errors and it’s all over. But overall I was ok with my riding, there is always next year!

In Elite, Boris Zagrocki, a studying trialer from Poland 1st.. Kleat Wilson 2nd, Janine Jungfels 3rd (#4 in the 2009 World championship Women category)

In the Pro 26" category, Joe Brewer competed first on the 26" in the morning and ended on a score of 3.

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Andrew Dickey was on a 1 point with one more ride reminaining... and collects 2 dabs! So Joe and Andy are tied on 3 points. So they make a deciding section, run one backwards and a little harder. The result, in a video from Tim at Expressive Bikes ( So it was Joe Brewer 1st, Andrew Dickey 2nd, Nathan Mummery 3rd.

In the afternoon, Joe borrowed a Hydroxx 20" and came 1st in the Pro 20" class also!! A monster effort. 2nd was Morgan Dressiens, 3rd Jack Mullaly.

So Joe is now World #8, and Australian 26" & 20" champion!! A large number of us went to celebrate after the competition, burgers and many jugs of beer :)

Full results at the expressive bikes website.

I had the pleasure of riding with Joe on Monday, unfortunately no camera!! He is going huge.. sidehop, tap, pedal bunnyhop a wall which is at my shoulder (about 1.5m)... all too easy!

Joe on his way to 20" victory... Photo by Kevin Anderson, official event photogrpher... Click on the pic to see more!

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- The 2010 Australian Champions:

Click here to check out the Expressive Bikes website and see more images from the competiton!

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- Pro 20” Category:

    • 1st – Joe Brewer – 27 pts – VIC
    • 2nd – Morgan Driessens – 40 pts – QLD
    • 3rd – Jack Mullaly – 61 pts – QLD

- Pro 26” Category:

    • 1st – Joe Brewer – 3 pts (ride off 3 pts) – VIC
    • 2nd – Andrew Dickey - 3 pts (ride off 5 pts) – VIC
    • 3rd – Nathan Mummery – 40 pts – VIC

- Elite Category:

    • 1st – Borys Zagrocki – 25 pts – POLAND
    • 2nd – Kleat Wilson – 33 pts – VIC
    • 3rd – Janine Jungfels – 35 pts – QLD
    • 4 – Paul Gerloff – 36 pts – VIC
    • 5 – Lindsey Colla – 50 pts – SA
    • 6 – Chris Dorgan – 53 pts – VIC
    • 7 – Owen Gwilliam - 54 pts – NSW
    • 8 – Michell Ho – 55 pts – NSW
    • 9 – Aydan Evans – 65 pts – SA
    • 10 – Haydon Solomano – 75 pts – VIC

- Sport Category:

    • 1st – Joel McFarlane-Roberts – 37 pts - ACT
    • 2nd – Kane Solomano – 47 pts - VIC
    • 3rd – Stuart Colla – 61 pts - SA
    • 4 – Tim Mullaly – 65 pts - QLD
    • 5 – Matt Platts – 73 pts – NSW
    • 6 – Warren Evans – 75 pts – SA

- Novice Category: 1st – Jeffrey Solomano - 59 pts - VIC

The Ride off:



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