Le « Wingman » Kenny Belaey au micro de Tribal Zine après Anvers !

Interview with the « Wingman » Kenny Belaey just after Anvers !

Saturday 11 October 2014
by Flodub
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PNG - 349.7 kb Kenny has been competing for almost half a century on the sections, and this year Kenny is still at the top! At the world in Lillehamer, even if he spent most of the season out of the competitions, he was still able to compete with the french specialists and he won the bronze medal. In anvers, again, he finished third in a very difficult race. The race was won by his Padawan, Jack Carthy. This year, Jack Carthy took the lead of the world trial scene, a bit ealier than expected.

Tribalzine interviewed Kenny, talking about Lillehamer, Anvers and Walzbrych. He is discussing about his view of the competition, his preparation, the evolution of trials and his vision for trials and his upcoming projects for 2015.

JPEG - 337.8 kb Of course, we asked him a lot of questions about the new GT frame he rode for the first time in Anvers, and which is one of the most interesting frame released this year. Happy reading, and a big thanks to the Magician for the interview.

Photos : Marco Patrizi / Tribal Zine - Eric Dominicus / Enter-Bike - Autoine Prouteau / Tribal Zine. Translation : Florent Dubouchet.

Tribal Interview

First of all, congratulations for your third place, we know you wanted to offer a victory to your fans and that you are capable of doing miracles for that. You finished 3rd, very close to the 2nd place just like last year, but your riding was very impressive!Again, congratulations, the Magician is still at the top!

Thanks but I dont think I rode that well. It took me a big crash in the Masterbloc section and a couple of 5’s to realise I had to try harder. By then the chance to win was long gone. I have a problem with finding the fighter in me last couple of competitions. Always take me a couple of fails and then I start fighting. I think its a mental thing, maybe had too much things on my mind last couple of months I don’t know, it’s a lack of mental freshness. Despite that, still happy to be able to be at the top, means a lot to me! Don’t forget I am almost 32… 

JPEG - 415.6 kb

We can also thank all your staff for all this organisation with everything managed by your wife Fien... We are huge fans of the Belgian’s competitions, Anvers is a very beautiful place. It’s pretty cool to see a competition like this, coming to the biggest city in Belgium every year... and this year it was even better... That «french fries» section (!). It was a very spectacular race with all the tiers around the sections and everything that was made to welcome the riders, media and the audience in the best conditions... It took almost one year to prepare this race, and most of the job was for your wife Fien, who supported this project with enter-bike and the City?

JPEG - 384.9 kb Thanks for the compliments. In everything we do, we aim for perfection to give a good image to Trials. But of course without the help of our club, the International Trialteam, sponsors and my father with his team it wouldn’t be possible. Antwerp is a great backdrop for such event and we try to use it as much as we can because it attracts sponsors and media. Its important to have a strategy and work as professional as possible. Creating win win situations is my philosophy for life and reflects on this event... everybody involved has to benefit from it and I dont speak about money, I speak about a longterm relationship with everybody involved. Every year we want to make it better... step by step but always better. 

I am there to find the money in the beginning of the year and to establish contact with media and sponsors. Then my dad and Andy do all the work on the sections and machinery while Fien is the contact for everyone involved all year long, the admin and to take care about the small details. For example a good media room... that female touch :). Its a hell lot of work but we love it.

I am there to find the money in the beginning of the year and to establish contact with media and sponsors. Then my dad and Andy do all the work on the sections and machinery while Fien is the contact for everyone involved all year long, the admin and to take care about the small details. For example a good media room... that female touch :). Its a hell lot of work but we love it.

JPEG - 617.5 kb

As usual, everything was made to attract media. World Cups in Belgium make a big difference on this point. The 26’’ race was broadcasted on Tv straight after the Road Worlds, and it had a lot of success...

Yes thats our strenght for sure but to me an event like this needs it, after all it’s a World Cup. And No media is No sponsors. So it is important to satisfy all parties. The fact we air right after the Road Worlds is amazing and shows that the Belgian media respect Trials and ranks it high up. One day I need to find a Spanish media partner to show the battle in 20inch. We rather have a tv station with a broad audience showing it, than having a webcast with only trialbikers watching it. Costs are the same but it has to be worth it. Long term this is better.

JPEG - 300.9 kb

Let’s talk about media...This year we saw that trials is becoming more and more important for the UCI, we heard about a full broadcast on the UCI Youtube channel, and on the UCI website, trials is now as important as the others disciplines. Things are changing, some say too slowly, but there is a big difference between now and a few years ago when we did not even find the results on the UCI website and you had to check on Tribalzine just to know what happened... You represent the riders at the UCI, so can you tell us how you feel about that, what do you think?

JPEG - 325.7 kb I agree with you that a lot has changed, good things. I think Dani Parramon is doing a great job for that. Before there was nobody to communicate about it. What also helped is the fact that Peter Van den Abeele (offroad commisair) is from the same village as me so he knows what trials is and he also hits on the table for our sport more and more. The new president Cookson is also supporting trials right after his visit in Pietermaritzburg. The commission is very motivated now, to see that what we propose really reaches the people who have to hear it in order to further develop trials. Next step is to find a presenting partner and more financial support but that is the next challenge. Rome isn’t build in a day… As a rider it is now possible to find pictures and send it to your sponsors or potential sponsors, a step in the direction to professionalize Trials as a competition sport. My dream is that one day, a Trialsrider only has to wake up and think about competing and not worry about he is going to make a living from it.

JPEG - 364.7 kb Let’s go back to Anvers just for one moment... Qualifications first.. The sections were already quite hard, but everything was doable... Sections were long, a lot of obstacles in each section, but everything was spot on... You made a mistake in the French Fries section and then you made a clean round. Jack is already on his «Clean Machine» mode, really easy on the obstacles, he even tried a jump for the next day... Tell us more about your race which seemed to be pretty good for you...

Same as in the finals I started bad, I made a 5 on the overhanging beam while others rode around it. I never thought about it, because I always like to make it hard to myself I guess haha. The Belgian competitions always are very long and have a lot of difficulties, that is just how we have been doing it for the last 20 years. I think that is better for all participants as well because everybody can ride without having to think where to put a strategy dab, all obstacles are doable but there are so many obstacles and that what makes it hard. When we saw Jack trying the big kicker for the next day, I wasn’t too happy about it, it was an organiser mistake. They forgot to close it off with a tape but it’s hard to think about everything. Vincent told me he wasn’t in a great shape on Saturday, that happens to all of us, that’s sport too.

And then, finals... Sections are harder, it starts to be difficult: big kickers in the port section, or in the legos section. Kickers made most of the riders stop their race in the final. But, for Jack, it was still too easy for him, he was just flying over the sections and you, you are fighting with Vincent... Tell us...

Again, I start with a big big crash on a jump… I think the first time I crash on a jump in my life as usually that is my speciality. A reflection of the shape of the day… I continued making 3 fives out of 4 sections on the marketplace before going to the Groenplaats… You can imagine how upset I was. I wanted but I couldn’t, really frustrating and I have no explanation for it. Then on character I managed to ride a better lap… Jack did an amazing job, so confident in his riding, so hungry to win. It’s almost nostalgic to watch and it reminds me on when I was 18… haha.

JPEG - 401.5 kb

And just after that, an incredible super final with on one side, you and your «padawan» and on the other side Vincent and his. Nico was just amazing, he just unplugged his brain on the kickers... We know him very well here at Tribalzine’s. He has been improving a lot over the last years, and it’s not a surprise for us to see him in the superfinal. All the other top riders were just watching, and you just gave us an amazing show... You got a flat in the rocks, you made an unexpected mistake with your rear wheel just at the end of the section in the port but the first part was just perfect... Vincent is fighting for the second place... So, how was your superfinal?

JPEG - 483.2 kb First of all congrats to Nicolas, really impressive riding and I’m happy for trials that young kids finally come to make us life harder and create an exciting future for Trials. In fact it’s a bit funny, for many years (from 2003 until 2008) it was or Vincent who won or me and now a decade later, it seems that this tradition will stay intact with potential future battles between Nicolas and Jack… This will be fun for the future…What I also really like about Jack and Nico is the fact they can actually ride their bikes and use kickers and style it up a bit because I was afraid that competition trials and pogo stick trials would join up and create their own federation one day... But let us try to beat them a bit first before we retire J … In fact my riding was good but I made OR a 5 OR a clean, there was nothing in between. I was surprised to be on the podium to be honest…

Jack... Just unbelievable... He was on another planet... His level just leapt forward... It’s true, you and Vince and Gilles were fighting for the victory, but now, there is a new rider, and he is even better than you... You said he is going to be the next world champion and next year he will be even better than now, he is a MONSTER! Are you afraid, are you scared for next year ?

As soon I saw Jack, 3 years ago, I knew he would be the next champion. It is not only his riding that is good, it’s also that mental aspect and his will to be the best that stands out from the rest. He has everything in his favour, and has a lot of talent. Now it’s a matter to keep that going in a good way without injuries and complications. To be at the top is one thing, to stay there another but I’m confident he has it under control. Does he scare us for next year? For sure… But we all have to stay realistic, guys like Vincent, Coust and myself are fighters, champions and don’t give up easily but longterm he will outride all of us.. By the time he is at his best, let’s say 25 we will be in our late 30’s so then anyone can beat us haha

JPEG - 264.5 kb JPEG - 266.3 kb

Did you like the video we made the day after the competition? We wanted to share the atmosphere of Anvers and show some great moments of the race for all the riders who were not there.

I think this video was really well put together and I even used it to show my sponsors of the event, they all liked it so thank you!

JPEG - 326.4 kb Lillehamer now... Here again, you were on the podium, Gilles was very impressive during the final while you were struggling in your first round, and you made a really good second round... Bronze medal for you, even if you were not here for the world cups... Well done! But we can imagine you were a bit disapointed because you were there for the gold medal...

It’s a decision I made after my big injury, to ride less competitions and only train for the Worlds and Europeans. At first I was very upset to be third but then I said to myself… ‚what do you expect??… you travelled around the globe 4 times, did almost 60 shows in 4 continents, organised 3 events, whereof one in Russia and 2 weeks before the Worlds you want to go and win against a specialist like Gilles…” and then I was happy with my result but deep inside I wanted gold. If I didn’t dream and work hard to get gold, I would not even be on the podium so to be disappointed i fairly normal. The fact I ride competitions since the age of 9 helps me to get in the right mindset. And honestly, I think that is the best way for me to stretch my career to it’s maximum, If I would only wake up and only train for competitions my sponsors would stop sponsoring me so it’s a thin line I walk on but as long it works I do it this way.

What did you think about the organisation of Jean Flambard was building the sections? It was very spectactular even if it was a bit far from the heart of the worlds at Haffjell. What did you think about the sections and the organisation, as a rider but also as an organiser ?

When I heard about the fact Jean was organising I was not happy as a rider because personally I don’t like the French style of sections with only 4 obstacles in a section, where you check with a ruler if you can win the competition or not. But the UCI asked him to organise in such way it would be fair to everyone, respecting all techniques of the sport. He was very sportive about it. We really got all techniques…. From an organiser point of view, he was the best choice as very often a World Championship is not always well put together except for South Africa last year which is still my favourite event by far. The fact is was next to a shopping mall was a commercial choice as the mall paid for all costs so if we like it or not, that was the way it had to be. The lake backdrop wasn’t to bad after all… In a nutshell, I liked it!

JPEG - 373.5 kb

For the Europeans, well... It was in the middle of nowhere and it was a bit poor... We went from one extrem to the other during that season.

Yes, unfortunately the setting wasn’t great. I had such a hectic preparation before that competition but after all my shape was really good. I broke some personal power move records the week before and felt really motivated. I really thought we were going to ride around the castle which I personally like a lot. Normally I cut my tyre even for all other competitions but then I saw that there was no need to have mud tires on as it was on artificial obstacles… that was a bummer. I made 2 mistakes on a small hook in section 6, I blame it to a lack of training on that half pedal to hook, no excuses. 

I think it would be interesting to talk about the dangerousness of the sections. It’s an old debate. Sometimes it’s difficult for the organiser to chose between what you can do and what you can’t, or between something spectacular and something «safe for the riders». Top riders like you Vince and Gilles, kinda «need» really hard sections. And with Jack... Sections are going to be harder... But for others, a lot of 5 in all the sections, even if they are very experienced riders and pro riders sometimes... Some of them just don’t want to ride the sections...Don’t you think we should be a bit more reasonable. Last week-end, there were some injuries (Rudeau,Burton), Moutier’s section were really hard, and at Meribel we thought it was a bit “oversized” in some of the sections. Ok, if you are in a city, on flat ground, yes, you need to go higher and bigger, but isn’t it a bit dangerous for our sport. Maybe it can streer riders away from the World Cups ?

JPEG - 471.2 kb I think injuries are part of sports, one day or the other something will happen. As we are trained athletes, usually it’s limited to calculated risks but if the organiser wants us to jump 3m up in the air and 3m20 far to front, I think that is not done. There are other ways to go spectacular without danger. That is why I like our Belgian style of sections, it’s hard because there are many obstacles. If Trials was compared to athletics it would be Decathlon. If one decides to only have big gaps high up in the air with only 3 or 4 obstacles, then trials is not to be compared to decathlon but rather to sprint, just to give an example. I really don’t think it has to become dangerous, nobody is interested in that. Trials has to be sold to the media as a high profile sport, not as an Xgame discipline where people are waiting to see one break his neck. It’s thin line as an organiser but if well build, if well thought off I am sure it can look spectacular without being dangerous.

Worlds, Europeans, World Cups... You’re planning to do a full season in 2015?

I think yes, I get older so have no time to waist. On the other hand it’s so much work, sometimes inhuman and to keep combining it with all my side projects it’s sometimes to much to be on top of my game. The jetlags and responsibilities of the projects eat my energy.But let’s recap it this way, I love competing and when you love something anything is possible. But I must say, if I notice I am not ready I will not go, I go to confirm not to make a fool out of myself. Even if I am tired from this or that, no one will see when I am 6th at a competition and no one will care. My fans and sponsors want to see me deliver quality, but I will try hard.

JPEG - 186.8 kb This week-end you were riding the new GT prototype, wich seems to be wonderful piece of engeneering... Your association with GT gave birth to a very interesting frame. For Tribalzine this the most interesting frame we’ve seen for a long time... Other manufacturers didn’t release a lot of new things this year, only a couple of improvements on their bikes and “low cost” manufacturers are just making copies of the top bikes... Can you tell us more about this frame ?

Very happy to hear you like it. I hope the whole Trials community thinks about it just the same. In fact we all have to thank Hans Rey, he was the one who got sponsored by this brand 30 years ago and that’s why I could get a trials frame from them. I have always double feelings when I show a pure trials bike to the people and no real innovations were made to such frames. The looks are definitely innovative and I feel like the whole GT crew now also see potential to get this bike on the market, which we will discuss shortly. Fingers xed I can convince the top management now.

JPEG - 226.6 kb

Your frame is asymetrical. Why did you and GT make that choice? Why do you use the Crewkerz BB30 system? And what about the saddle? It’s very odd to see a saddle on a comp bike but maybe it’s a good thing for trials... Trials frame changed a lot these past 10 years, they look more «race-oriented». I remember when bikes were around 12kg, and we were just removing the saddles, and just one manufacturer, Atomz, wanted to keep the saddles on the bikes... If you can call that a saddle... But it soon disappeared... Federations were forced to accept the changes: transmissions without derailleurs, etc.. But for someone who doesn’t know anything about trials, a bike without a saddle is very strange. Actually, it doesn’t really look like a bike anymore... Would Danny Mac videos have known such a succes with a bike with no saddle? Of course NOT... Then, when Kenny and GT put a saddle back on a trials frame, maybe this is not that crazy ?!

JPEG - 234.2 kb Together with Crewkerz we decided to have this drive train system, it really rides better than it looks. The seat… Well, in fact it started 2 years ago… When I made 24 inch streetvideos for commercials like Adidas. They hired me to do that commercial under the condition I would ride a bike with a seat because without a seat it looks pretty ‚weird’ for the audience that doesn’t know trials. That was off season, but changing to a 24inch bike coming from a 26 trials bike is a nightmare, my whole body hurts, my arms, my back …

Then 2 years later Samsung booked me to make that video in LA to launch their S3 phones. Same story…. Bike with a seat. But that was a week before the World Cup in Aalter, so I kind of just patched a seat on my trials bike and they never noticed…

When I made the Cargo video, I patched a seat on again… Again no one noticed. But my riding style needs a typical trialsframe geometry because it allows me to do anything I want. On a 24inch streetbike, I can’t.

So when I wanted to have GT make a Trialsbike I thought by myself, why don’t we make a frame that has both options… 1 street option with a high raiser bar, a diskbrake in the front and slick tires. Then another bike with competition specs. This is the result and I like it.

And it’s functional too. I can actually sit down and ride it (ok not 50km) but it’s great to go from streetspot to streetspot in a city and for commercial purposes it’s also great as it looks actually like a bike. I like it.

JPEG - 245 kb

I have heard that GT would like to see you riding in competition with a saddle? Do you think it will change anything about media coverage?

To have a seat on a trialsbike for videos and to have fun is one thing but to have it on your bike, adding 200grams, while the others don’t that would be a stunt rather than a functional choice. Unless the federation obliges all riders to have a seat, then it’s only fair but I don’t think it will happen.

The “hole” in the headtube looks nice, it looks like Robocop !

This is the engineer his idea and realisation, looks like Robocop. In the beginning he couldn’t believe that we actually cut out the headtubes, hopefully they use this idea for their future bikes.

JPEG - 162.1 kb

On the rear wheel you are using a very particular standard, with a 14mm BMX axle? Tensionner looks like the Echo’s... but it’s a bit crooked! Why?

JPEG - 235.8 kb We do sell Echo at our shop enter-bike and I noticed this very simple system and thought by myself…‚why did I never come up to this?” it’s so simple… 1 small screw pushing back the axle… just great. First I have to mount an adapter over my existing axle to replace the snailcam which is also inside the dropout. Then the screw pushes on the adapter so there is no stress on the axle from the bolt. The fact the dropout is a bit thicker is to protect the screw and protect form impact when we fall down on a rock for example.

The big question is: will we ever be able to buy this bike? Will it enter into production? Will it be available on enter-bike?

Tomorrow I have a conference call with the managers, so I prepare my file now… Fingers xed. Then I count on you Trials riders to buy this frame ;)

Others riders could ride for GT on the worlds cups...? If enter-bike becomes the exclusive dealer for GT trials frame we could imagine that Jack Carthy would ride this bike?

JPEG - 291.3 kb If the bike comes on the market, of course we will create a team. Jack is free to ride the bike he want, for now Crewkerz is treating him well and I don’t see reason for him to change.

Any other projects for this winter? We know you are always busy, doing shows, filming videos...

As usual, I wake up every day with a crazy idea, one more doable than the other. I am building something pretty cool right now, it will be launched end of January and I can not wait to show you. In November I do a XC race in South Africa, December will be focussed on training and January-Feb-March also combined with shows all over the World including shows at NBA arena’s. 

Thanks a lot for the interview, and if you have some news about your frame, just let me know...

Yes, no problem, and thank you... !

JPEG - 317.2 kb

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Voici le programme complet de la 4ème étape de la Coupe du Monde UCI Trial 2017, qui investit pour la troisième année consécutive Albertville et (...)

22 juin 2017 - Coupe FFC Auvergne Rhône Alpes 2017 : 5ème manche à Petit-Coeur le dimanche 25 juin !

Le club de Vélo Trial Petit-Coeur La Léchère organisera la 5ème manche de la Coupe Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 2017 de Trial ce dimanche 25 juin ! Une (...)

22 juin 2017 - Coupe FFC Grand Sud 2017 : finale à St Sulpice le dimanche 25 juin !

La finale de l’édition 2017 de la Coupe FFC Grand Sud de Trial se déroulera le 25 Juin dans la petite ville de Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze en (...)

10 juin 2017 - Championnat Centre IdF 2017 : les zones de la finale de Larchant !

La finale du Championnat Centre / Ile-de-France Ufolep 2017 de Bike Trial se dispute ce dimanche 11 juin à Larchant. Retrouvez les infos sur ce (...)