Gilles Coustellier reste le Big Boss !

Gilles Coustellier is still the Big Boss !

Wednesday 9 September 2009
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 10.9 kb The biggest meet of the season, the 2009 World Championships, are taking place right now the Australian capital of Canberra, situated between the coastal towns of Sydney and Melbourne. The location of this magnificent city is truly exceptional; surrounded by hills in a stunning and wild setting in the middle of the bush, making Canberra the only city in Australia where you can see Kangaroos in the street! These should be some truly memorable worlds...

This year the Championships are taking place on Mount Stromlo, situated just to the West of the centre of Canberra, with a peak 770 metres above sea level. Former World Champion Craig Pearce, competition manager and clerk of the course, told us a bit about the winter weather in Canberra: "the temperature varies from 7 to 18 degrees, but if there’s snow on the Brindabellas (the mountains to the West of Canberra) the wind chill factor brings that down by 3 or 4 degrees." (Craig Pearce’s Worlds).

PNG - 299.6 kb You can find all you need to know about the event in our previous article Tout sur les Championnats du Monde 2009 (programme, presentation, video and photos of the riding and podiums from the last events, lists of riders etc.). Below you will be able to see the results of the courses as they happen, with the first images from Canberra thanks to Serge Froissart (Fastt) and Matthias and Thomas Mhros (Trial Team Hoffmann)! A big thanks to them!

The 26" Finals: Gilles is still the boss!

PNG - 333.5 kb

- Gilles Coustellier retains his title!

[06/09/09] The 26" finals took place this Sunday. The the most important Elite competition of the season was particularly intense this year. The bitter struggle between the three trials titans, Coustellier, Kenny Belaey (en in the lead following the qualifications) and Vincent Hermance began at the start of the very first section and the three riders battled relentlessly until the final section. Gilles and Kenny distanced themslves on the first lap, each finishing with just 11 points, with Vincent on 12. Behind the top three the top Atomz riders were all there, with Marc Caisso in fourth on 22 and Ben Slinger and Aurélien Fontenoy tied on 26. Gilles, Kenny and Vincent gave their all on the second lap, each with their sights set on the greatest of all titles! All three conceded just on point in each of the first two sections, then Vincent dropped two in the third section. The title would go to either Kenny Belaey or Gilles Coustellier and the duel between them was fantastic! Neither was willing to let up the pressure, both coming in with the same score after their second lap, with points dropped in the same sections! Both riders had 14 points on their cards and the winner had to be decided on most cleans. Both riders hap dropped three points on their second lap but Gilles was the only one to have put in a clean on the first lap, taking yet another Elite World Champion title! This meant that he had managed to accomplish the bold challenge that he had set himself; retaining his French, European and World Champion’s jerseys! Mission accomplished, he’s still the big boss of World mountain bike trials! Bravo Gilles! A tip of the hat also goes to Marc Caisso, who finished the competition in third place, the culmination of a season just as impressive as the last, and perhaps the end of his fantastic career, punctuated with seven French Champion titles, four European Champion titles and three World Championship wins! Well done too to Ben Slinger, who put in his best performance of a very successful international season: the top British rider competed in all of the UCI finals this year, finishing in sixth position in the World Cup in Knokke-Heist last month and in fifth place this weekend in Canberra! See the full results of the Elite final, as well as some images from Thomas Mhros (Trial Team Hoffmann). Loads more photos to follow!

The podium...

JPEG - 174.3 kb

The full results of the Elite 26" final:

JPEG - 33.9 kb

And the full results of the whole Elite 26" World Championships:

PDF - 121.1 kb
Canberra 2009 - Elite 26"

The two superhuman K/124 riders:

JPEG - 176.1 kb

Gilles, 2008 and 2009 World Champion, with a big gap up in the concrete pipes section:

JPEG - 129.6 kb

Kenny Belaey, 2009 Vice World Champion du:

JPEG - 142.3 kb

- Joe Oakley, Junior 26" World Champion!

The Junior 26" final took place at the start of the afternoon between 12.10 and 14.30. Abel Mustieles Garcia, who had won a further 20" World Champion title, seemed to have decided to take the double. I finished his first lap with 18 points on his card, just two points ahead of British rider Joe Oakley, who cleaned the last two sections. Two points behind Joe were Spaniard Rafael Tibau Roura et Frenchman Kevin Algaé. Everything was to play for on the second lap. The British rider manged his second lap perfectly and put in the best lap of the Junior final (13 points) and took the title in style with a total of 3 points, ahead of 20" World Champion Abel Mustieles Garcia (35) and Spaniard Rafael Tibau Roura (37.5)! Just behind the top three were French riders Kevin Aglaé (44) and Marius Merger (47).

The podium...

JPEG - 166.7 kb

The reults of the Junior 26" final:

JPEG - 80.1 kb

The full results of the whole Junior Championship:

PDF - 117.6 kb
Canberra 2009 - Junior 26"

Joe Oakley, 2009 Junior 26" World Champion:

JPEG - 180.3 kb

Abel Mustieles Garcia, Junior 20" World Champion and 26" Vice-Champion:

JPEG - 163.2 kb

The 20" finals: The Spaniards are still the 20" masters of the world!

PNG - 343.8 kb

- Benito Ros, Still the Elite 20" World Champion!

[05/09/09] The Elite 20" finals took place on Saturday between 14.30 and 16.00 and the Spanish leaders defended their titles brilliantly and retained their jerseys. THe only rider who multiple World Champion Benito Ros was really worried about was Dani Comas, who had already taken the Spanish and European Champion’s jersey from him. However, Dani did not enter this time round. He had come to Australia, but was unable to ride due to the injury sustained during the BIU World Championships in China, which meant that his season had come to an end. Benito put his cards on the table from the off, with two cleans in the first two sections and a total of just ten points after his first lap, with a second lap in much the same vein. "La Bestia" took his sixth world title: Lugano in 2003, Les Gets in 2004, Livigno in 2005, Fort William in 2007, Val di Sole in 2008 and now he can add Canberra 2009 to the list! Polish rider Rafal Kumorowski retained his title of Vice World Champion, finishing with 33 points compared to Benito’s 19.5. Swiss rider Loris Braun put in an excellent ride and took bronze with 42 points on his card, followed by Carles Diaz (47). Rick Koekoek, who had put in a great performance and finished second in the semi finals had to content himself with fifth place on the harder sections in the final.

The podium :

JPEG - 58.2 kb

Results of the final:

JPEG - 55.7 kb

Full results for the Elite 20" World Championship:

PDF - 118.1 kb
Canberra 2009 - Elite 20"

Some photos by Serge Froissart, (Fastt) Click on a photo to see them in their original resolutions and to see the rest of the gallery on the Fastt website!

The three Elite 20" medalists:

JPEG - 67.9 kb

JPEG - 56.9 kb

JPEG - 70.6 kb

Rick Koekoek (Fastt), in the sections:

JPEG - 74.4 kb

JPEG - 46.9 kb

JPEG - 39.4 kb

- Abel Mustieles Garcia remains Junior 20" World Champion!

The Juniors rode in the morning, between 10.30 and midday local time. As with the Elite final, there was only one rider who could worry current title holder Abel Mustieles Garcia; fellow Spaniard Ion Areitio Aguirre (Spanish Junior Champion and European Vice-Champion). At the end of the first lap the two youngsters were neck and neck with 16 points each. The Junior Champion set things straight on the second lap however, coming in with eight points on his card compared to Ion’s 16! The Spaniards took the top two spots, with the very promising Rodrigue Timellini just three points behind them. Frenchman Kevin Algaé, who normally rides 26", took fourth place just ahead of Belgian Gil Alkema.

The podium :

JPEG - 56.9 kb

Results of the final:

JPEG - 54.6 kb

And the full results of the Junior 20" World Championships:

PDF - 117.6 kb
Canberra 2009 - Junior 20"

Some more photos by Serge Froissart (Fastt). Click on a photo to see the rest!

The three Junior 20" medalists:

JPEG - 71.3 kb

JPEG - 65.8 kb

JPEG - 66.7 kb

Gil Alkema (Fastt) in the sections:

JPEG - 82.9 kb

Spain wins the team title

[04/09/09] The Spanish national selection took the world team title once again in Canberra. The way this title is awarded is a bit complex (read random). Each nation must designate, before the event, one rider for each class (Elite 20" & 26", Junior 20" & 26" and Women). After the semi-finals the four best results (in UCI points) achieved by each of these riders are added to give the final classification. Spain came out on top once again, ahead of France and Belgium.

Here are the national classifications for the 2009 World Championships:

JPEG - 112.5 kb

The national podiums:

JPEG - 66.8 kb

The French team, Vice World Champions:

JPEG - 78.7 kb

The women’s final:

[04/09/09] European Champion Karin Moor won a further World Champion title on Friday, conceding just four points in the Canberra sections. French rider Julie Pesenti took the title of Vice-Champion, finishing just five points behind. Ex-World Champion Gemma Abant Condal took third with a disappointing 22 points. Fourth place went to Australian Janine Jungfels, competing for the first time in an international UCI competition.

Results of the women’s final:

JPEG - 53.6 kb


Karin Moor in action, by John Veage

JPEG - 81.8 kb

A few photos of the final and the podium, once more thanks to Serge Froissart (Fastt). Click on one to see the whole gallery.

JPEG - 58.1 kb
JPEG - 61.8 kb
JPEG - 51.8 kb
PNG - 14.3 kb

JPEG - 38.3 kb
JPEG - 39.9 kb
JPEG - 51.2 kb
JPEG - 97.6 kb
JPEG - 69.3 kb
JPEG - 61.4 kb
JPEG - 49.2 kb
JPEG - 81.7 kb
JPEG - 120.2 kb
JPEG - 52.7 kb
JPEG - 81.9 kb
JPEG - 100 kb
JPEG - 72.3 kb
JPEG - 89.1 kb
JPEG - 78.5 kb
JPEG - 40.5 kb
JPEG - 45.5 kb
JPEG - 43.5 kb
JPEG - 79.8 kb
JPEG - 112 kb
JPEG - 55.2 kb
JPEG - 74.8 kb
JPEG - 63.4 kb
JPEG - 45.9 kb
JPEG - 48.7 kb

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