Flipp - new sponsors and new video

Tuesday 7 August 2012
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 5.7 kb Flipp is currently one of the most talked about riders on the UK street scene, and for good reason. He is fast becoming the reference in brakeless street trials, mixing huge TGS riding, tech trials lines and smooth BMX-influenced street to create his own unique brand of riding that is varied, unpredictable and stylish.

People quickly started to take notice of his riding ability and he signed a sponsorship deal with Tarty Bikes back in April of this year (Flipp Joins the Tarty Bikes Team). He’s now added to that list and has picked up a spot on the Trialtech team, riding a wide selection of the lightest parts from their Sport and SL ranges. He’s also received a deal and a new frame from JAF bikes. He seems really happy with his new setup, saying that the new bike is ’perfect’ for his riding.

To mark the occasion, Flipp has released a new video, entitled Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s head, showing off his incredible skills on his new bike. Filled from start to finish with burly street riding, from enormous sidehops that any TGS rider would be proud of, to flowy and creative street lines, this video really has it all! At the same time, he released a ’bonus’ video with some unused footage and crashes. The unused clips would be worthy of ending a video from anyone other than Flipp. Massive.


Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s head

Leftover Clips and Crashes


Here are a few photos taken by Clean’s Mark Westlake on a not-so-recent (Flipp’s on his old bike) street ride in Liverpool.

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