Event Performance lance le Trial Pro Series !
Event Performance pone en marcha las Trial Pro Series!

Event Performance launches the Trial Pro Series!

Sunday 25 March 2012
by Ben Swales
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At the start of February UCI Elite rider Aurélien Fontenoy told us about and exciting new project: the creation of a new UCI Elite circuit in 2012, to be run alongside the World Cup and under the aegis of Event Performance, the French section setting specialists and organisers of a multitude of French Cups and Championships (see The 2011 French Championships) and World Cups (The World Cup Final) and who will be in charge of the Val d’Isère and Pra Loup World Cups. Aurélien said: I’m working with Event Performance to organise the 2012 Trials World Series, a tournament to be held in France over several dates that will mark a real evolution in high-level competition. More visibility, a bigger audience, a bigger spectacle, more prize money, more everything… The goal is to create a professional circuit! (see Aurélien in training).

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Event Performance have announced this new series, which could very well propel competition trials into a new dimension! All of the information that you need to know about the new circuit, comprising four dates in France, is online

The final will take place in October and will be integrated into the Roc d’Azur in Fréjus, France’s biggest MTB event! Trials had previously only been involved for entertainment and demo purposes. This year, however, all of the world’s best riders will be there to take part in a UCI Super World Cup format competition. For more information on Jean Flambard’s amazing new season-closing event, head over to the Event Performance website.

The first round of this new pro series is this weekend in Aix-les-Bains, with qualifiers for both 20" and 26" taking place on Saturday and the finals and super finals taking place on Sunday. We’re not sure of the full list of invited riders, but we do know that Wunderkind Jack Carthy is en route for France right now, and Gilles and Giacomo Coustellier have both said that tey will be in attendance.

Here are the rules of the game for the Trial Pro Series

The rules will be based on those of the Super World Cup, with a few small differences in the format of the competitions. The main parameters are as follows:
- Two categories: Elite 20" and Elite 26"
- One Qualification stage, with three laps of six sections, open to 30 riders
- One Final, with one lap of six sections, with the top eight riders from the Qualification round
- One Super Final, with one lap of six sections, with the top four riders from the Final

Each rider will pick up points throughout the series for the UCI World Rankings: Each round will be integrated into the UCI calendar as a “C1 International Race” and the overall winner will take the title of Trial Pro Series Winner.

A prize fund of €6000 will be divided among the Super Finalists in each category (20” and 26”), with a price for the winner in each category that should be close to €1,000!

TV coverage of the event will be provided by Sport+, who will do a 13 minute report from each round.

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The 2012 Trial Pro Series circuit

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The presentation video

The competition format:

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