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Clean 001

Tuesday 26 April 2011
by Ben Swales
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Mark Westlake is a well known member of the UK trials scene; he has been riding for years, is an active member of prominent trials forums and a key member of the Tarty Bikes team. He’s also a great photographer, up-and-coming video maker and an awesome street rider in his own right and was one of the first people to truly commit to brakeless trials.

His new blog, Clean, is fast becoming one of the most popular trials sites in the UK and with regular updates, great content and a fresh, ‘street’ look to it, using a typewriter or a biro to write each article and then posting the text as images, for example, it’s easy to see why! The aim of the blog is to expose and promote the thriving UK trials scene, focusing mainly on street trials for the moment, but with possible plans to include more ‘pure’ trials in the future. Mark’s been on the scene for years (with a few years out to ride BMX, which you can now see coming through in the way he rides his trials bike), so knows what he’s talking about, giving a valuable insight and a credible voice to what is perhaps the more underground side of the sport that we all love.

JPEG - 27.5 kb Mark has been working on a video, under the Clean banner, for a while now and with rumours and hype starting to build up on the forums, we were really excited to see it. Riders such as Ali C, Ben Rowlands, Mark himself and Joel Bennet, all stalwarts of the UK trials community, had all been under the lens, with Mark travelling the length and breadth of the country to ride and film for the video, so it was sure to be a great watch! Clean 001 was released a week ago and more than lived up to the hype! Filmed in black and white at a wide variety of locations, each cooler and more interesting than the next, and with a horde of creative and talented riders, the video has a real ‘community’ feel to it and the riding will leave your jaw on the floor in places! Ali C is definitely the hottest street rider out there at the moment – his vision and creativity, paired with an awesome talent for riding a bike, mean that he is a head and shoulders above basically any other rider out there. That’s not to take anything away from anyone else in the video, there isn’t a line or a move in there that didn’t impress us! Mark’s shots and editing are sublime as well, you can really see the BMX influence in his rolling shots and composure, a refreshing change from tripod/static shot based trials videos that we tend to see these days. Here’s hoping he brings out plenty more!

Mark explained the reasons behind the blog and the video on

JPEG - 55 kb I’ve been wanting my own spot on the internet for a while and I’ve now made it in the form of ’Clean’. Although it seems pretty street orientated at the moment it isn’t purely about that. There were plans for some more natural/comp guys to be involved but basically they’re a lot harder to work with.

Clean 001 was filmed from Jan-March 2011. Riders involved were Ali, Ben, Joel, Sam, Rowan, Danny, ’Cooky’ and Stan. Thanks to everyone who was involved in any way - including Inspired and Trialtech for making the best parts around, and too!

The reason Clean isn’t affiliated with anything (I know I mentioned TartyBikes/Trialtech/Inspired when it got put online, but that’s because without them it wouldn’t have worked at all) is that it’s basically my view of how I’d like things to be. I love watching Joel [Bennet], Ben [Rowlands]and Ali [Clarkson] ride, as well as all the people who made it into the video under the ’Friends’ banner. It seems like people don’t really know that there’s a really awesome street scene in the UK that’s been lurking under the radar for the past few years, so I wanted to bring that forward. I also like the way BMX and skating videos look (which also partially explains the use of fisheye and the shot choice for the most part), so I wanted to go down that sort of route as it seems to just work better for that type of riding. I really look up to people like Joe Cox (BMX rider and video maker who was behind Voices and Tomorrow We Work), so you can see their influence throughout my videos. I’m keen to try and experiment a bit more now though, so hopefully there’ll be enough diversity in future. I didn’t really want to split it all into rider sections because everyone seems to be influencing each other and it seemed odd to try and blank that out. A load of the footage from the video was filmed when everyone was just sessioning stuff, so I wanted to give it that vibe. Equally, the way that it was filmed was just random days at different places here and there, so I didn’t really want to tweak that either.

There’s nothing more to be said really, an awesome new website, an awesome new video and plenty of names to watch out for (if you weren’t already!).




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Wednesday 20 April 2011
by Ben Swales

Jack Carthy at High Wood Farm

A superb video of the young Koxx & Tribal Rider Jack Carthy, filmed at the first round of the British Trials Cup at High Wood Farm, near Brimham Rocks, which he won with just 7 points on his card.

Thursday 14 April 2011
by Ben Swales

Neil Tunnicliffe - Cutting

Neil Tunnicliffe recently publiushed his first street video of the year, and as usual it is a monster! Hardcore music, hardcore riding, as we’ve all come to expect!

Wednesday 13 April 2011
by Ben Swales

Jamie Williams - April 2011

UK Tribal Rider Jamie Williams has sent us his latest street video, in which he lands some big hooks, one of which could have ended badly if he hadn’t been wearing his helmet.

Wednesday 13 April 2011
by Ben Swales

Jack Carthy at Harden Moor

An impressive video of 14 year old Jack "The Clean Machine" Carthy, filmed by his unclie at the second round of the Tyke Trial Club Championship at Harden Moor, where he racked up 15 cleans on his Koxx Sky 2!

Monday 14 February 2011
by Ben Swales

Jack Carthy, James Hyland and Dave Kerr at Shipley Glen.

A short video of Tribal Riders James Hyland and Jack Carthy riding some technical rocks at Shipley Glen with Dave Kerr.

Tuesday 8 February 2011
by Ben Swales

Morgan Driessens and Nathan Mummery in training

A video of Australian 20" Vice-Champion Morgan Driessens on his first few rides on his 26", the Meta VTT2 and riding 20" with Nathan Mummery.

Tuesday 8 February 2011
by Ben Swales

Vision is more than sight

Here is the latest video from Matt Gilman, one of the most talented trials riders we have ever come across. This 30 year old American rider manages to ride trials to a high level despite being blind! "Vision is more than sight".

mercredi 26 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales

Best Of Toni Bou by Sergio

Photo By Sergio have sent us a 2010 best of og four-time moto trial World Champion Toni Bou: the man who has revolutionised the sport by bringing bicycle techniques to the forefront!

Wednesday 26 January 2011
by Ben Swales

Best Of Abel Mustieles by Sergio

Another Best Of video from Sergio, compiling the best footage from the 2010 season of the young prodigy Abel Mustieles, who had an exceptional first season in Elite, snapping at the heels of his mentor, Benito Ros !

jeudi 20 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales

Neil Tunnicliffe on the 2011 Zoo Pitbull

Here is the 39th video from UK TGS rider Neil Tunnicliffe, which compiles a few clips from an indoor training session. Neil is riding the 2011 Zoo Pitbull. There is apparently an HD video coming soon!

mercredi 19 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales

K-124 Days 2010 by Tribal Zine

Tribal Zine bring you the official K-124 Days video... a proffessionally edited 12 minute film that plunges you right into the heart of the action. K-124 Days 2010, the ’Woodstock of trials’, kicked off a season that was full of emotion, action and surprises. Enjoy.

mardi 18 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales

The Dressler Camp 2010 Video

Dressler Camp has become an unmissable event in the trials calendar over the last few years; a sort of BIU Koxx Days that mixes competition, freestyle contests and parties. Here is a video from the 2010 edition, which saw guest of honour Kenny Belaey strutting his stuff!

Friday 17 December 2010
by Ben Swales

Louis Grillon at Buthiers

Here is the first full video from the Tribal Zine mascot, a mini rider with with maxi skills and a trophy cabinet to match: Louis Grillon in his element on the rocks of Buthiers...

Thursday 2 December 2010
by Richard Furlong

The “Where’s The Seat” series

Talented Canadian street rider Kevin Liu has been sending us the HD episodes of the “Where’s The Seat” series for some months now ; The ninth episode was recently put online. Here are all nine episodes under one roof !

Wednesday 1 December 2010
by Ben Swales

Toni Bou: bike or motorbike?!

There are loads of good videos about at the moment - perfect for the snowy weather! Check out this little gem from Sergio, Toni Bou chucking his motorbike about on his training ground as though it were a push bike!


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