An 8.89kg Rockman Slate!
Friday 24 April 2009
by Ben Swales
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Rockman bikes, distributed in France by our partner Trialprod, had, until recently, just one 26" model in their catalogue - the Isis - which we presented in the articles New Rockman frames at Trialprod & A 9.15kg Rockman Isis 2009!). Two new frames have recently been added to the range: a dual-disc 20", the Aurem (The new Rockman Aurem), and a 26" with a slightly shorter geo than the Isis, the Slate (The new Rockman Slate). These classy looking bikes have been designed with competition riding in mind, and are right at home among the top-of-the-range bikes of other, market leading brands. With their cut-away headtubes and other weight saving features they are also among the lightest bikes available!

JPEG - 150.1 kb They have recently been added to the catalogue of our partner Trialprod, at - we’re pleased to see - very competitive prices! 525€ for the 26" and 425€ for the 20"! One of the first Slate frames has just been built up with a super-light spec. It belongs to Nicolas ’Hub’ Ollier, the owner, who used the same components that he used on his 9.15kg Rockman Isis. The weight of his new bike is incredible, weighing in at just 8.89kg! Below are a collection of photos, full spec and prices for one of the super-light beauties. This weekend we’ll be posting up a review of the bike which we put to the test on the rocks yesterday afternoon. We weren’t disappointed...


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- Frame: Rockman Slate
- Fork: Echo SL
- Stem: Echo SL 138x25
- Headset: Tensile Ace
- Bars: Rockbar with Rock foam grips
- Front brake: Hope mono trial with Rock 180mm rotor
- Rear brake: Echo SL with blue Rockpads
- Front wheel: Onza Pro Series rim + Rock disc hub
- Rear wheel: Onza Pro Series rim + Rock hub
- Bottom bracket: VIZ Ti axle
- Cranks: Echo SL
- Pedals: Magnesium with Ti axle
- Free wheel: WI Eno green trial
- Chaine: Echo SL (half link)
- Front tyre: Continental Race King
- Rear tyre: Continental Rubber Queen
- Tubes: Maxxis Ultralight
- Ti bolts throughout.

The price that Trialprod are asking for this very much top-of-the-range bikes is 2235€ (with Echo SL headset and Tensile freewheel)!


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