Paris Bike Days 2009
Wednesday 22 April 2009
by Ben Swales

GIF - 31.7 kb The first Paris Bike Days took place this weekend in Paris’ Parc Floral. Visitors had access to two pavilions dedicated to the institutions and asscociations of the French bicycle market, a 10,000m2 hall with stands from all of the main brands, 3 test tracks, XC circuits in the Bois de Vincennes and a 3.2km loop.

Trials had the place that it deserves at this massive event and was represented by the TMS team, who put on three shows each day. Thibaut Marriaux and Florian Tournier put on 35 minute demos on their Evo 3 bikes, followed by some taster sessions for the spectators. Vice World Champion Vincent Hermance was expected, but in the end couldn’t make it as he was competing in the Pau biketrials Grand Prix. K-124 were there of course, showing and selling their wares, but also to put on a show on the Sunday with riders from Cerny Trials Club.


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We gathered together the impressions of the riders who were flying the trials flag at the first ever Paris Bike Days...

Thibaut Marriaux (TMS) boss : "The atmosphere was really cool! The younger riders from Cerny were a bit daunted to start with, but they got going and put on a great show in the end! As for Flo’, he was more than on form and put on an amazing show with his usual style and crazy tricks, he’s one of the greats! Clean, flexible, smooth, precise... Actrually, we work really hard on the shows, I spend a lot of time on it with the riders: we try and link everything together and give it a rhythm as much as possible! I was commentating and riding, and finished the show with Flo’ with a 1.15m sidehop (practically without warming up) and Flo’ landed a 1.2m sidehop, followed of course by our often copied, never equalled choreographed routine!"

Paris Bike Days 008 - JPEG - 171.1 kb Max’ (K-124 House Paris): "I thought it was a really nice exhibition/festival, and it can only get better! There’s a lot of potential at the Parc Floral. The audiences were passionate and interested, thanks in part to the 8€ entry fee… Trials is still for a lot of people more of a spectator sport, but from our point of view, it’s a very interesting event for the interest that it will generate in the sport!"

Fabrice Pinies (President of Cerny Trials Club) : "There weren’t many people at the event on the first two days, the demos took place outside the exhibition hall, alongside the BMX track. On Sunday, the organisers decided to put the TMS demo zone inside the hall, which meant that the riders could ride in the dry. On Sunday there were a few more spectators and the three demos (11.30, 14.30, 16.30) saw bigger audiences than on the first two days. The demos were carried out by TMS (Florian Tournier & Thibaut Marriaux) and Koxx, with two Cerny Trials Club riders (Maxime Brégé and Benjamin Serre) on the imposing TMS demo rig, alternating some ground routines with some precision riding on the lower modules of the rig and some big gaps and sidehops etc. on the higher modules. The two Cerny riders were able to measure themselves up against Florian Tournier and had a great time being commentated by Thibaut Marriaux in front of a numerous audience - it was a great afternoon!"


A big thank you to Fabrice, who sent us the following photos of the shows on the Sunday!

Paris Bike Days 001 - JPEG - 184.5 kb Paris Bike Days 002 - JPEG - 180.8 kb Paris Bike Days 003 - JPEG - 183.4 kb Paris Bike Days 004 - JPEG - 173.3 kb Paris Bike Days 005 - JPEG - 185.6 kb Paris Bike Days 009 - JPEG - 188.1 kb Paris Bike Days 010 - JPEG - 189.2 kb Paris Bike Days 011 - JPEG - 191.9 kb Paris Bike Days 012 - JPEG - 202.2 kb Paris Bike Days 013 - JPEG - 213 kb Paris Bike Days 014 - JPEG - 186.6 kb Paris Bike Days 015 - JPEG - 191 kb Paris Bike Days 016 - JPEG - 176.9 kb