Danny MacAskill - April 2009
Tuesday 21 April 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 148.1 kb There’s no doubt about it, Danny MacAskill is the best street rider on the planet. The 23 year old from Edinburgh, sponsored by Tartybikes & Inspired Bicycles, has a unique style which seems to draw on trials and BMX in equal measures.

We still remember his last video, Next level Street Trials, released in September 2008, in which he landed a rapid double tailwhip and an incredibly stylish reverse manual to tailwhip. Pure madness! Danny’s riding blows our minds all over again with each video!

We knew that Danny had been working on a video for a few months, and here it is! Filmed and edited by Danny’s housemate Dave Sowerby, it is the most incredible street video that we’ve ever seen, pushing the sport into a completely new dimension! It was filmed in and around the city of Edinburgh, and Danny links together some of the most impressive and technical street and trials moves ever imaginable. There are 360s and tailwhips landed over gaps and massive stair sets with what seems like the greatest of ease. He flairs out of a tree (!), manuals a handrail, tailwhips over a static gap and 360s over everything in sight! It’s a video that you’ll want to watch again and again - enjoy!



Download the video and watch it in the quality that it deserves, go to the Inspired Bicycles website.


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