Nico’ & Tibo’ Street Video
Friday 3 April 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 5.4 kb Nobody’s forgotten the last street video from TMS riders Nicolas Luque et Thibaut Marriaux. The two riders went on an urban assault in Grenoble with their new Evo3’s that they had just received and showed to us. Nico’ smashed his personal sidehop record on a 1.4m wall after just one hour’s riding and Tibo’ was spinning away as only he can (Crash-test MBK Evo 3).

Now Nico’ has sent us a new street video, compiling the highlights of their winter street training. The editing is as fresh as ever, and Nico’ shows off some big taps and sidehops, while Tibo’ performs his repertoire of showman’s tricks. Be warned though, the ending is a bit scary, but happily no harm was done!



JPEG - 49.2 kb
JPEG - 44.7 kb
JPEG - 58.8 kb
JPEG - 49.5 kb
JPEG - 50.1 kb
JPEG - 46.4 kb
JPEG - 37.1 kb
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Soon to come - Nicolas Luque riding some BIG, BIG natural... watch this space!