Gilles Coust’ by Claudio Corbetta [1/3]
Monday 23 March 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 41.2 kb Claudio Corbetta, the Italian webmaster of the Biketrial Italia website, is a real trials fanatic and regularly brings us excellent HD videos. Last November he showed us some of the best videos of 2008, featuring the French, European and World champion as he put in his incredible performance at Eicma 2008 in Milan... Eicma 2008 by Claudio Corbetta... Noone has forgotten this superhuman trials rider, or that incredible video, which also featured Supermance and the Italian Champion Ambrogio Chessa riding on some very impressive metal obstacles (including Vincent’s unforgettable 1.85m hook!). At the start of the year, Claudio released another video - even better than his earlier offerings! It featured Swiss monty rider, Pascal Benaglia, riding in the beautiful Bellinzone, capital of the italian speaking part of the country with a beautiful medieval district and a magnificent castle: Pascal Benaglia in action. With Pascal throwing down some consistently big moves, high quality images and ultra-professional editing, this video is a must-see!

Claudio also came to France earlier this year to film the best rider on the planet as he trained: Gilles Coustellier, the current French, European and World Champion. He filmed him riding both natural and street,on the côté d’Istres, in Martigues and at an indoor spot called "la Cave", an abandoned underground quarry filled with enourmous blocks of stone. Claudio released a little teaser of the 3 HD videos that will show these sessions: the incredible Gilles Coustellier by Claudio Corbetta trailer. The first of these videos, showing Gilles training on natural terrain, can be streamed below and on the Biketrial Italia site, and is also available as an HD download. We highly recommend downloading it!



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