Bremen Indoor
Friday 20 March 2009
by Ben Swales
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One of the most important national events took place in Germany a couple of weeks ago: the Bremen Indoor, which sees Germany’s most talented riders all gathered in this Northwest town for the competition. The local star is the incredible Marco Grosenick, rightly nicknamed Super G by his sponsor Trident.

The dynamic Trial Team Hoffmann turned out in force for the event, with top riders Sebastian Hoffmann (seeded 3rd in the UCI 2008 20"), Matthias Mrohs (World No. 8 20" rider) and Thomas Mrohs (World No. 12 26" rider). Team manager Max Schrom tells us about the competition and shows us a video which goes over all of the highlights of the elite class.

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All of the best German riders turned up to ride: Hannes Hermann, Thomas Mrohs, Matthias Mrohs, Felix Heller, Sebastian Hoffmann, David Hoffmann, Max Koch, Marco "Bertie" Berthold, as well as Rick Koekoek, 2008’s greatest discovery! The top rider from the Netherlands finished the season in 6th place in the World Championship, 3rd in the World Cup and was seeded 4th by the UCI.

ce top rider hollandais qui a terminé la saison en 6ème position des Championnats du Monde, troisième de la Coupe du Monde et quatrième du classement UCI. These TTH riders have dominated the podiums throughout 2008!

- Elite Podium Saturday:

    • 1. Thomas Mrohs (TTH) - 5
    • 2. Felix Heller (BiM) - 6
    • 3. Sebastian Hoffmann (TTH) - 9

- Elite Podium Sunday:

    • 1. Matthias Mrohs (TTH) - 14
    • 2. Felix Heller (BiM) - 17
    • 3. Rick Koekoek - 19

- For the full results click here...


Here is the video of the highlights of the elite competition, filmed by Max Schrom and edited by Matthias Mrohs. The man made sections were particularly impressive, worthy of such a large international meet, and the riders needed both power and precision to get through them. Max tells us that Marko G’s Monty Kamel 221 only weighs in at 8kg, a shade heavier than Sebastian Hoffman’s (dual HS-33), which weighs only 7.7kg! He also tells us that he’ll be bringing us some new videos, maybe even before the start of the World Cup! :-)

A few screenshots...

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