Barcelona Street by Sergio
Friday 20 March 2009
by Ben Swales
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The guys from Photobysergio went to Barcelona at the start of the year, and have brought us this great selection of photos and videos of Monty’s top two Spanish riders:
- Dani Comas, 2004 World Champion. Last season Dani was riding a 26" Monty Kamel 231, finishing in 3rd position in the UCI World Championships and winning the BIU World Championships. This season he’s on a 20", riding the new Kamel 221, with the seemingly untouchable Benito Ros in his sights.
- Pablo Nuñez, a new recruit for Monty, also rides the new Kamel 221, and has recently caused a stir on the internet with a series of very impressive videos.

Click below to see the video...

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Here are some photos of Dani Comas in action on the streets of Barcelona, taken by Sergio... the extensions on the sidehops are almost inhuman - we couldn’t believe our eyes! Click on a photo to see the whole collection.

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And the impressive Pablo Nuñez...

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