Roberto Timellini presents the Camin Carbon
Wednesday 5 March 2014
by Flodub

PNG - 372.6 kb One month ago, Tribalzine was at Buthiers, in a local competition to ride and to provide coverage of the event. We were surprised to discover Romain Leonard’s (Belgium Champion) new bike. It is a twenty inches carbon bike, with a racy look and a specific design. After a first inquiry, we learnt that this masterpiece is made in Italy by a carbon-bikes specialist, Camin, in association with Roberto Timellini , a key figure in belgium trials world, former Koxx importer, new Ozonys importer,and president of one of the biggest trials club in belgium : Charleroi Kangaroos.

Roberto was there to support about twenty Belgians riders, competing this Sunday in Buthiers. He welcomed us in his camping car to give us more information about this bike. This article summarise a one–hour interview and we will soon provide a « crash-test » made by our rider Louis Grillon. Roberto tells us where and how this project was born, and what approach he used to build this bike. He gives us the price and the configuration of series models. Actually he tells us all we need to know about this bike, and about … an upcoming 26” bike. Of course we will talk about Charlerois Kangaroos trials club, still getting bigger an bigger and active. For 2014, they are heading to street trial and BMX, and a contest is planned for July. Christian Morfaux has taken the pictures.

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Tribal Interview

Hi Roberto, this is a curious-looking bike we have here, a new trials-bike made from carbon fiber. Can you tell us more about your project?

When I first saw Monty’s carbon bike, I was importer for Koxx, I begged Dominique Hermance to make a carbon-bike, but it was complicated. I started to look for a specialist in Italy and I found one who had already made a trial carbon-frame, to see what he could do. When I saw the raw product, at first glance; I thought there was an opportunity to release a new trial bike, in order to move on a next stage in trials technical evolution. So Camin company and us went into this adventure to promote this bike. We already have demand in Italy, France and Belgium. We also have few orders from talented riders in Belgium, and one of the top Italian riders will probably ride this bike at Worlds Championship. Alessandro Bertola, Paolo Patrizi and Francesco Policante are fighting for this bike, so we will see who will ride with.

Can you tell us more about the company “Camin” ?

Camin is a company based in Bolzano, in north Italy. They are specialised in carbon making processes. Claudio Camin, former champion on road cycle, created the company. This company provides “made to measure” bikes. If you want a made to measure bike, you go to Camin’s and you can have your bike within 15 days. They make all kind of bikes: road cycles, hardtails, bikes with suspensions, an now, a trial bike with modern geometry.

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Will you sell it as a complete bike?

Camin provides the fork and the frame, I will provide all the equipment. It will be a custom built bike with top of the range Try All parts I have in stock, including the latest crankset system made by Koxx with integrated axle and external BB30 bearings. Then it will be built with Bonz parts.

JPEG - 501.8 kb Will Ozonys be the French Camin importer ?

Bruno Arnold has seen the bike and it seemed good to him. We will probably sign an agreement with Ozonys. Maybe one day we will see a full-carbon Ozonys bike.

We can see that the bike has a specific design near the headtube and the bottom bracket in order to withstand the forces for “high-level” riding. Who designed this bike?

It has been designed by Camin’s design office, which also collaborates with Ducati. When they talk about carbon they really know what they are talking about. There is a research unit, and an Italian manufacturer who “shapes” carbon fiber and everything is centralised by Camin. They first went to Monty’s, to see what they had done, and the engineer thought there was some “aberration” about the structure of the frame. He wanted to make a frame as strong as possible.

This bike can also be built with HS33 brakes?

Yes. It’s a “dual” frame, allowing to mount disc or rim brakes, and it was the best solution for us. But we will certainly release a full HS33 version, without disc mount, to have a lighter bike. The fork can also be mounted with discs and HS33 but it’s a prototype and we will provide two types of forks: one for discs brakes and the other one for HS33 brakes.

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Are you planning to make the first 26” bike made from carbon fiber?

Yes, I talked about this with Camin, they will soon look into this project. We hope to be the first to release a full carbon 26”. If others company do not fight to release one, we are determined to release one. Nowadays geometries are no longer a problem. We are on standards now. Today reliability is important and if we’ve reached it on 20”, we will reach it on 26”.

JPEG - 1006.1 kb Will the 26 have the same design or will it have a completely different conception?

Our main concern about designing trials bike is this hump near the headtube which increases stiffness. Their research unit thinks it is essential on this bike and that it is a smart and logical choice. It allows increasing the angle between the fork and the top tube. Wider is the angle; stiffer is the front of the bike. It’s very important to deal with modern riding skills. The ideal thing would be to have an angle of over 90 degrees.

How much is this top of the range and competition oriented bike, homemade in Italy?

This bike is made and designed in Italy. We create very beautiful things in trial. Have a look to Milkyway’s wheel: it’s not well known, and yet it is very fantastic because the hub can hold a straight wheelbuild and it is indestructible. Camin 20” full disc will be at 2 390 GPB and the full HS33 ode will be 170 GPB cheaper.

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So, a top Italian rider in the UCI World Cup and championship will ride the bike?

Next week, I will be at lake “Garde” with Italian top riders, we will find out what we can do with Italy. Italy is an up-and-coming country for trials. We have a good team working with BIU , dynamic persons with UCI and very beautiful parks to ride, very beautiful places. And now we have a couple of talented riders: Matrizi, Policante, Bertola.

You are the president of the club named “the Kangaroos”. Can you tell us more about the club which had already organised several world class events, and about the projects for 2014 ?

The club was created in Charleroi almost 20 years ago, and we have more and more riders joining. We have organised Youth Games twice. And we will try to get involved in all the fields in mountain bike. We will hold a young riders trophy on April, the 16th. On March the 30th we will hold the first round of Belgian Cup, and later, the final on October the 26th. Then, the first week-end of July, we will organise a new type of contest: a street-trial contest, but also a BMX and skateboard contest, on a freestyle set up and ramps. One very big event, with active promotion. My son is very involved in this project. He comes from trial and had a really good career in Junior, and he is now on the BMX circuit. He has become the best Belgian rider, and he has finished 10th to the worlds in Cologne. He’s riding a lot in street trials now. The club moves towards a vast number of sports, still with a strong trial basis, but more and more BMX and street-trial oriented and we propose an introduction to those sports.

Ok. So a young boy who wants to ride a trials bike can come and sign in, and a specialist will introduce him to the joys of riding trials. This is the first time I saw such a thing. People usually ride trials in the street without any staff…

Here, at Charleroi, we have a very suitable estate for trials. We have a velodrome surrounded by rocks, an indoor section for winter trainings, a few ramps and an airbag. We will enlarge the entire thing, and our big event in July will put our investment in street trials on another scale.

Wow, you get things moving in Charleroi, what a nice planning! Any other project for 2014?

Like every year we organise a training in Modena, in a very beautiful estate for Biketrial between Emilia Romagna and Toscana : One week of pure trials and street-trials and street trials in Fanano.

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To return to the subject, the bike was today in the hands of Belgian champion and vice world champion, Romain Leonard. We know him for a long time, and we saw his riding improved a lot, and he is now taller.

JPEG - 918.9 kb Of course, amongst young Belgians, Romain Leonard and Bill Maréchal are the top riders. Romain has grown up faster so it helped him to improve a lot on big moves. The are both talented riders, they are competing against each other, there is kind of healthy rivalry between them, and it is a good thing for them and for Belgian trial. Rodrigue was in the same situation in the era of Maxime Warenghien who is today Champion in trial motorcycle. It is very important to have a champion who is not on his own. It’s easier to improve in those conditions, and it can boost the performance. Look at Coustellier brothers.

Exactly. One of the basics in trial. One last question: how many copies of these bikes have been made so far?

We have one here and another one which has been tested a couple of month by the biketrial champion in Italy, Alberto Limatore. Three more models are available at the factory and we will see to whom we will give those bikes. Romain Leonard is completely satisfied with his bike and he has already ordered a second one. Then, as I said before, an Italian top rider will ride this bike.

Ok, thank you for all those details. Do you have anything else to say about this bike that we will test on Buthiers’ rocks?

There is nothing else left to say. We will bring to you more information later on, this week we go to Camin’s to carry on going ahead. Thank you Tribalzine, your website is always active, and well liked by Belgian and Italian riders. You are doing a great job. Where do you come from? Are you from North France?

Thank you. Yes, our team is based in Picardie, near Compiègne, where Tribalzone’s adventure started in 1998 thanks to our first html website. Then we went right through trials news in 2004 with the same site, which became later TribalZine. We have an expanded team with various skills from everywhere: Orlean , Buthiers, Great Britain, Spain, Italy etc…

You are not so far from us, and I hope you will soon come to see us. You’re invited.

A big thanks to you and your team, for your warm welcome and this delicious “Cuvée des Trolls” Belgian beer, which I highly recommend. See you soon at Kangaroo’s land !

See you…Bye

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D’autres photos

Other pictures of the Camin Carbon 20’’...

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