Andrei Burton on GU for 2013
Wednesday 12 December 2012
by Ben Swales

PNG - 2.8 kb UK Elite rider Andrei Burton has been riding for Echo since the start of 2012. He finished in ninth place in the Elite 26" World Championships on his Mark II, just missing out on the final. He has continued his partnership with the Chinese brand for 2013 and has just received his new bike. He’ll be riding the new Gu, a sister brand of Echo that had disappeared from the market for a while but is now back with a new model that has been updated for today’s tastes. The frame retains the same fluid lines of the previous model, the "Le", but has an anodised orange finish, a +75mm BB and the same integrated chain tensioners as the Mark II. It is also about as light as the Mark II, perhaps aimed at making a push into the comp market. Here is a video with some close-ups of the bike and some footage of Andrei’s first session on his new ride. Dr Drei shows off the surgical precision and explosive power for which he is known as he works his way round a well-equipped indoor training spot…



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