Hoffmann meets Lehmann - Stuttgart 2012
Monday 10 December 2012
by Patrick

PNG - 329.4 kb When the young Germans show their claws.... Two of the best of a new generation of German comp riders, Heiko Lehmann on the 20 (4th in German Championships and 9th in UCI Elite ranking for 2012), and David Hoffman on the 26 (2nd in German Championship and ranked 15th in UCI Elite in 2012) get together this fall for a little street session in Stuttgart. Both of these riders have a very efficient style and are sponsored by the German trials shop Trial Bike Shop. Throwing down huge UCI moves in a completely relaxed style: taps, front wheel plants, sidehops, etc... These guys are easy going and not scared of anything. We are amazed! Heiko drops a couple of huge moves around the 3:00 minute mark with an unreal sidehop from an exposed pointy rock to the side of a bridge! David Hoffmann has adopted the "Carthy way" and shows us a pretty exaggerated up to front à la Coustellier. Our eyes hurt at the end of his video! Thank you guys for this excellent little video for us to put up on our site! Whether you ride a 20 or 26, this is the kind of video that make you a better rider this weekend!



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