Presentation of the 2012 Koxx Sky 2 20"
Saturday 14 July 2012
by Ben Swales
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More new stuff from Koxx... In addition to the new Foxx, the world leader in competition bikes and parts have unveiled the new version of their Sky 2 20”, with an updated frame and spec. The frame has been given new graphics, a headtube with an even bigger cut-out, a new disc mount and a new bashplate mount. Spec-wise, the bashplate itself is lighter, the new Nowar K2 rims have different shaped holes and a new profile, similar to that of moto wheels, to make them stiffer while maintaining the same weight. This bike, kitted out with the latest and lightest components from the Try-All catalogue (including the Nowar Ti bottom bracket) weighs in at 7.8kg (the previous version was 8.1kg). Not bad!

Full Bikes

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