Tribal Zine with Inspired, Trialtech and Trial-Bikes in 2012!
Sunday 4 March 2012
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 355.3 kb The Tribal Zine adventure began in 2005 as part of a framework (Tribal Zone) founded in 1998 in order to promote the sport of trials. In essence, this site was born out of frustration with not having a real trials website or magazine dedicated to our discipline. As one didn’t exist, we decided to create one, to give the world wide tribe of trials riders, competitors and street riders alike, the website they deserved. The site enjoyed success from the beginning and the webzine by riders for riders became, thanks to the amount, exhaustiveness and quality of its multilingual content, the reference site for an evolving sport, with the recognition of the trials public (more than 2,000 visitors a day, with five or seven times that many individual visits and almost 2,000,000 visitors in total) and of the top riders, clubs, institutions and companies that help to develop it.

This great adventure has really only just begun, and it is with plenty of motivation and new projects that we will be attacking this new season. And we have the support of the biggest brands and most dynamic shops of the moment. It is thanks to this support that we are able to maintain a website of such quality and to offer you, on a daily basis, the best trials information and news, a selection of the best videos and photos from the web, interviews, equipment tests and more! In 2012, Tribal Zine will be sticking with our long-term partners:
- World Championship-winning brand K-124 / Koxx and their shop, the K-124 Store
- Ozonys, whose bikes enjoy success and popularity in competition and on the streets, their brand of components, Bonz, and their shop, Sphère Bike
- Trialprod, French distributors for Echo / Rockman who have set themselves up as the reference shop in France thanks to their expansive catalogue and quality service
- TMS Bikevision, another big French name in competition trials and street riding, and their shop, the TMS Pro Shop
- And Roc Sport / Kerozen, a producer and designer of sports clothing well known in the moto trials world and who designed our sought-after Tribal Zine team jerseys.

Three new partners have come on board to help us to take this project even further in 2012. The British brand who revolutionised street trials with Danny MacAskill and their famous Fourplay, Inspired Bicycles are now supporting Tribal Zine! We will be keeping you up to date with the team and product news from the benchmark company in street trials.

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Another British brand, also founded by Dave Cleaver and with an excellent reputation for quality and performance, Trialtech, whose parts are designed to give optimum performance in competition and on the streets, have also signed up for 2012.

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And finally, online shop Trial-Bikes, who have imposed themselves as Spain’s number one online trials shop, with an impressive catalogue (Ozonys, Inspired, Monty, Play, etc.) and a team of riders who are dominating the competition scene, will be by our side in 2012. They have declared their international ambitions for 2012, sponsoring World Champion Gilles Coustellier and signing up with the world’s number one trials news and information site. Raúl Fernandez, the boss, is at your service and speaks excellent English and French!

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