TRA, the born again street rider!
Thursday 1 March 2012
by Ben Swales
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TRA is a familiar set of initials to trials riders the world over, belonging to a Norwegian rider who has made a name for himself with his brutal and huge riding. Thomas Remvik Aasen became one of the great names of our sport through his series of web videos (check out all 100 or so of them at and his DVD/Blu-ray The Plague. Towards the end of last year, we started to notice a change in his riding… the enormous gaps and sidehops were still there, but he had started to add spins and fluidity to his style, which was becoming smoother, cooler.

PNG - 303.9 kb But we certainly didn’t expect what you will see below! The Viking has continued down the path that he started exploring last year, and it is a new TRA that comes out in his latest video. A TRA the likes of which we had never seen. Now riding for Inspired, he has adopted their 26 model, the Hex. And boy has he taken to it! This is one of the most astonishing videos that we’ve ever seen, with some very creative lines coupled with TRA’s trademark huge moves and stunning editing. Enjoy…



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