Danny MacAskill, back in Edinburgh with Lezyne
Wednesday 29 February 2012
by Ben Swales

PNG - 307.7 kb The undisputed king of street trials has brought out his first video of the year on the Facebook of his new sponsors, tool company Lezyne, with whom he signed at the start of the month, In Way Back home, Danny took us from Edinburgh to the island of Skye where he grew up and learned to ride a bike, It was a fantastic journey that we will remember for a long time. This time it’s back to Edinburgh where, in April 2009 Danny first blew everyone away with his incredible talent. He revisits the shop where he worked as a mechanic and then heads off on a quick tour of the city, taking in a few riding spots on the way. He throws down some creative and impressive lines on his Inspired Skye, including a big gap from a bus stop to a telephone box, before heading to the hills on his mountain bike. The video is by MTB Cut, the guys behind Industrial Revolutions, and if what Danny says is anything to go by, is a sign of big things to come in 2012!


Danny MacAskill & Lezyne

Lezyne announce their new partnership with Danny MacAskill

JPEG - 62.9 kb When Lezyne was first approached by Danny, his reputation preceded him. We at Lezyne were very impressed by his superhero skills, his accolades and his You Tube success. Those reasons alone would be enough for any company to want their products to be associated with Danny. But once we sat down with Danny, we realized we weren’t just sponsoring a rockstar, Danny is a classy, down to earth guy who serves as a true role model for the sport and inspires the world. We are more than proud to call Danny MacAskill a Lezyne Ambassador.

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Two photos from the making of the video

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More media to come on the Danny MacAskill Insight 2012 Facebook page!

Screenshots from the video

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