Mattia Slaifer, official K-124 photographer
Tuesday 27 December 2011
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 469.9 kb Mattia Slaifer is a young Italian photographer who we introduced to you last year (Trials by night, by Mattia Slaifer) and who has demonstrated a well-developed talent and style. A maths and IT student from Rovereto, he regularly photographs the best Italian riders and sports photography (trials, snowboarding and other extreme sports) is his passion. His dream is to one day make it his career. He has created several galleries of his fantastic photos for us since then, including one of street rider Léo Nobile that we particularly liked (Léo Nobile by Mattia Slaifer). He joined the Tribal Zine team at K-124 Days 2011 to be our official photographer at the event and the results were fantastic (K-124 Days 2011 by Mattia Slaifer) and included the iconic portrait of Vincent Hermance that illustrated our recent interview. Some weeks ago, he asked us to put him in contact with our partners so that he could try to find a sponsor that would allow him to go a bit further afield take his photography to the next level. We were happy to help and K-124 gave him a positive response. Mattia’s dream has come true and he is now the official photographer for the K-124 team! He will be photographing their events and will also be doing photo shoots with their riders and photographing their products. Well done Mattia!

2011 : Mattia in VIP mode at K-124 Days 2011 as the official event photographer with the Tribal Zine staff…

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2012 : Mattia Slaiffer, Official Photographer to the K-124 Team!

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A few official photos from K-124 Days by Mattia Slaiffer!

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Benito Ros by Mattia Slaiffer (The 5th Rovereto Biketrial Meeting, with Benito Ros!)

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