The first ever Scottish Bike Trial Championship: end of year report
Sunday 13 November 2011
by Ben Swales

The first ever Scottish Bike Trial Championship was organised and held in 2011. A total of six rounds were held over the course of the season after a few venues had to be changed through the year due to reasons beyond the club’s control. It was an encouragingly successful first series, with plenty of riders turning out for each round and calls for another series next year.

Round 1 - 12th & 13th March

JPEG - 102 kb Round 1 was at the infamous Mound at Kinlochleven. It was to be a two day event to let all the new riders and riders already involved with the sport get together and discuss anything to do with the running of the club. After the Saturday competition in rain, sleet, lots of snow and high winds it was decided to call off Sunday’s event and allow the riders staying over to just have a fun ride around. The Mound has some big technical and grippy rocks which allowed a good variety of sections with some sticky mud in-between the rocks.

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Round 2 -24th April

Round 2 was at the new Bob Macgregor trials park in East Ayrshire. The club welcomed us with open arms and the venue allowed a huge mix of sections from tyres, pipes, placed rocks and some natural rocks. They have on site facilities and car parking.

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Round 3 - 8th May

JPEG - 101 kb Round 3 was at East Lothian at Garelton Hill. This venue offered a round with all natural slopes and rocks to challenge the riders. We put in a section in the car park made from wooden crates and boxes supplied by the local farmer as a bit of a change from the natural stuff on the hill.

Round 4 - 4th June

Round 4 was mixed in with Saturday’s British championship at the UCI World Cup event at Fort William. We had a lot of new Scottish riders for this one and some English riders joined the club to give our expert riders a run for their money. The atmosphere and size of the event was incredible and really enjoyed by the riders. The sections also gave our riders a taste of British championship level sections.

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Round 5 was cancelled due to reasons beyond with our control.

Round 6 - 21st August

Round 6 was back to Bob Macgregor. Three laps of six sections was new to our usual two of seven and made for a longer day but allowed a bit more riding as well. We introduced the 2min 30 sec rules on Expert, Inter and Novice class at this event to help bring the riders wishing to move perhaps into the British champs a feel for being timed. The club had had 900 tons of boulders delivered which allowed us to have new sections and to alter some previously used sections. We had our first and only accident of the year when Aaron Maciver had to bail on the pipe section and landed on a rock breaking his ankle. The weather and the new sections gave us a great day’s riding.

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Round 7 - 9th October

JPEG - 104.1 kb The venue Round 7 had to be changed at the last minute due to the indoor area organiser’s demands. It was an unfortunate happening and we went back to Bob Macgregor as I could set up more new sections and the riders all agreed that this was okay. As this was the last round it still had the expert and Primary class to be decided. It was great day once again that started wet and windy but by the start of the trial the sun was out and the wind had dropped. The trophies were awarded after the event by non other than Danny MacAskill. This gave the younger (and some older riders and some of the mums a highlight for the year). A big thanks to Danny as although he was injured he gave a wee display to the kids and signed many autographs.

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Click below for full results for the series:

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We have around 40+ riders in the club, with around 20 turning up regularly to events, which is enough for us to run a championship in 2012. We have new riders asking for details and will hopefully see some others do a full season now that they have seen it was a fun series. We realise that with ever increasing cost it is hard to justify the travel expenses etc., but with a few riders sharing cars and vans these costs can be shared. This is how we used to do it so it just takes an email, Facebook message or old fashioned phone call to organise. I hope everybody enjoyed the first year and we have learned a lot from it, so we can run a better championship next year. Dates and venues will be announced when the rest of the trials calendar is announced so there are as few date clashes as possible. The venues for 2012 so far will be Kinlochleven (in a better month), Fort William British weekend, Bob Macgregor (twice or a two day?). I have an indoor venue (Edinburgh), two quarries (central Scotland) to speak to the owners and another outdoor venue in Stirlingshire to look at. Anybody willing to help out, please get in touch.

Thanks for 2011.

All the land owners, all the observers and section helpers. My wife Caron and Pauline for helping with the paperwork. The Biggest thanks go to Barbara Wright from the Biketrial Federation and Tyke trial club who helped me start up the club with so much information, organised event insurances and many other we questions answered. THANK YOU ALL. (Tribal Zine: and of course, everyone will want to thank Kevin himself for all of his hard work and commitment over the past year in setting up the club and organising all of the events. Great work Kev!).