Kevin Liu in Vancouver
Sunday 19 June 2011
by Ben Swales
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Canadian stret rider Kevin Liu has released a few short videos on his new Koxx Sky 2, and promised a full length video soon. Well, here it is: a six minute video filmed in Vancouver at several spots that you will recognise from Kevin’s and other videos from Vancouver (the centre, Port Moody, etc.). As usual, his fluid style, emphasised by the excellent editing (by Kevin Minato) left us agape. The end of the video allows you to ’ride’ Kevin’s bike, as he dons a helmet cam and rides a long section at the Port Moody trials park. Here’s what Kevin had to say: "Finally, a full video on my Sky 2. I’ve had this bike for a month now, and I’m really getting along with it. The bike is very enjoyable to ride, and is not as extreme and twitchy as I anticipated. I’ve been riding every day since I’ve gotten the bike, and feeling stronger than ever.

Video was shot with a Canon 60d (Sigma 30 f1.4) and a Sony HX9v. The bonus chest cam footage was shot on a GoPro. Editing was done on Adobe Premiere and After effects.

Huge thanks for K-124 for their support, and Kevin Minato with filming and editing.

Music - Metronomy - She Wants ». Enjoy...



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