Jack Carthy, James Hyland and Dave Kerr at Shipley Glen.
Monday 14 February 2011
by Ben Swales

GIF - 31.6 kb There have been a few developments with the Tribal Zine Trials Team UK, and we’re quite excited about them! Firstly, British Trials Cup Champion James Hyland has joined the ranks of the Tribal Riders. Many of you will remember James from back in the day as the webmaster of the Trials Kings website: the web portal for the Trials Kings (Danny Holroyd, Adam Burns, James Hyland and co), the riders who popularised British street trials and who were behind some of the greatest trials videos of all time (such as Toxicity, one of our favourite street trials videos)! More recently, James has been concentrating on his university studies and on trials competitions; in 2010 he rode in competitions across Europe and the UK. James won the British Trials Cup in Elite 26”, finishing just one point ahead of runner-up Dave Kerr, and finished second in the Tyke Trial Elite 26” Club Championship, behind Dave. James recently picked up sponsorship from Tarty Bikes, and will be riding a Koxx Hyroxx in 2011. Welcome to the team James!

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The second bit of good news is that Jack Carthy (2010 UCI World Youth Games Minime Winner, 2010 Bristish Trials Cup 20” Elite Champion, 2010 Tyke Trial 20” Elite Champion), who also rides for the Tribal Zine Trials Team UK and Tarty Bikes, has just picked up sponsorship from Koxx for 2011. Jack, who recently made the move to 26”, will be riding the new Koxx Sky 2 in national and international competition. Congratulations Jack!

Here’s a video, filmed at a recent training session at Shipley Glen and edited by James himself, of James and Jack and Dave Kerr (British Trials Cup No.2 and 201 Tyke Trial Elite 26” Champion) riding some big, technical lines in preparation for the coming season. There are some nasty looking off camber lines, big gaps to front and some enormous sidehops from James! All three riders look like they are going to do well this season, and with Jack now on big wheels, the 26” boys will have their work cut out for them in 2011! Enjoy!



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