The 2011 Yaabaa Stinger
Tuesday 1 February 2011
by Ben Swales
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A couple of weeks ago K-124 unveiled the new flagship models for their Koxx range, the new 2011 Sky bikes and frames), with elegant, classy looks that are in line with the brand’s philosophy: the quest for performance in competition at the highest level.

K-124 then presented the new frames for the Yaabaa range, the group’s ‘low cost’ brand, aimed at a wider audience; street and natural riders who want the best bike for the best price: The 2011 Yaabaa Bullet & Stinger. A few days later we published the first photos of the complete bullet, a magnificent and robust trials bike aimed at competitors and natural riders who want a quality build for an attractive price… just €1299!

Now here’s a look at the 2011 Stinger complete. It is aimed mainly at street riders who want the manageability and stability necessary for that style of riding as well as the option of hitting the rocks for a bit of natural. This versatile bike has retained its lovely grey finish, but has been made a bit shorter, which will be good news to most street riders! The components in this build are excellent, with Try-All forged cranks and single cage pedals, the new HS33s (with the option of a Hope disc on the front), all for just €1099!

Photos of the 2011 Stinger complete:

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The front end:

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The rear end:

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Geometry (from our previous article):

Wheelbase 1055mm
BB Height +35mm
Chainstay length 380mm
Rear hub spacing 135mm
Weight 1800g
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