Best Of Toni Bou by Sergio
mercredi 26 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales
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Sergio has started 2011 strongly, with an astonishing Best Of video of four-time moto trial World Champion Toni Bou, the man who has revolutionised the sport by bringing bicycle techniques to the forefront ! Toni started out as a biketrials rider and cut his teeth on the BIU circuit. He still rides bie=ketrials form time to time, as he told Sergio in an interview published in Trial Magazine at the start of the year : “I ride a lot of biketrials and I’m constantly looking for techniques that I could use on my motorbike. This allows me to have a different perspective on how to overcome obstacles”. Click below to see this superb footage of the King by Sergio, taken over five competitions (and five victories) and a training sessions in Piera.

Video :

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