Neil Tunnicliffe, Video 38
Tuesday 30 November 2010
by Ben Swales
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For those of you who, like us, missed it the first time around, here’s another look at UK TGS icon Neil Tunnicliffe’s latest street video. Neil made his comeback on the web in April with a 34th video that was just as explosive as previous offerings and saw him riding the new Zoo! Piranha. His time away hadn’t affected his riding though, and his sidehops, gaps, hooks and taps were just as big as ever!

JPEG - 48.5 kb After a 37th video, mixing street and natural, Neil released video 38 last month. It’s 100% undiluted street, with a whole series of taps, hooks and gaps, each bigger and more hardcore than the last. One of the definite highlights comes at 01:30, when Neil launches a huge gap to front from a metal post to a wall, switching to rear wheel when he lands. Massive. You’ll notice than Neil switches back to his old Adamant during this video, his Zoo! Having gone on to a better place during the filming of this video. He is now riding the 2011 Zoo! Pitbull.




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