Kenny Belaey, Belgian Sportsman of the year 2010?
Thursday 9 December 2010
by Ben Swales
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Kenny Belaey has a favour to ask of the trials community… Sports channel Sporza are organising the 2010 Belgian Sportsman and woman of the year awards, and he needs your help.

It is mainly sports journalists (members of the Belgian Association of Professional Sports Journalists) who decide, but the public have a say too – by voting on the Sporza website for their favourite sportsmen and women. Last year, cyclist Philippe Gilbert and tennis star Kim Clijsters were the winners of the coveted trophies, thanks largely to the masses of votes that they received form the general public on the Sporza site.

The 2010 Trials World Champion has been nominated for this year’s award and is asking for your help. Here is the link to the voting page so that you can support Kenny and support trials: Wie waren volgens u de sporters van 2010?! Kenny is your World Champion, he works tirelessly to promote and support your sport and to push it further, now it’s your turn to support him! The winners will be announced at the Sports Gala on the 19th December in the Ostende Casino, and if you vote and sign up using the above instructions, you are automatically entered into a draw and you too could be there!

Click the image below to go and support Kenny and Biketrials!

The voting process is very simple: you choose a sportsman (Kenny, obviously) and sportswoman to vote for and enter your email. Then you are directed to a page where you leave your email, first name, date of birth and post code and choose a password. You then have the choice of whether or not to subscribe to the sites newsletter. It only takes a minute or two, and you can only vote once.

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The 2009 winners: cyclist Philippe Gilbert and tennis star Kim Clijsters.

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Will Kenny Belaey be the Belgian sportsman of the year? It’s up to you! Check out Michel Roy’s superb photos of Kenny in the article Kenny Belaey in Mont Sainte-Anne and read our full end of season interview with the new World Champion here2010.

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