Tribal Zine app update!
Thursday 18 November 2010
by Ben Swales
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A few months ago we announced the release of the Tribal Zine iPhone app (Tribal Zine on the iPhone !), developed by Valentin Roy and Samuel Charpentier (Tino and Samyno on the forums). The aim of this application was to further diffuse the trials info and media that we put on the site, allowing you to access it wherever you are in the world and to carry it around in your pocket. The app allows riders from all over the world to read articles in 3 different languages – French, English and Spanish, which we have been offering on the site since the start of the year (Tribal Zine & Trials-Riders). The app detects where you are and displays the articles in the right language for you. Since its release, it has been downloaded 600 times by people from all over the world!

We have had plenty of feedback on V1, which came out in May. All of you rimpressions and requests have been taken into account and integrated into V2
Version 2.1 is now available and users with operating systems from iOS4.1 and before can now update their Tribal Zine App.

Changelog :

- Compatible with iOS 4.1 and before
- Optimisation for iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4G
- Larger images
- Working links
- Adjustable orientation (portrait or landscape within the articles)
- Improved "Partners" tab
- Automatic email contact via the “About” tab

Tribal Zine in the Appstore:

Launched in 2008, the Appstore allows you to download applications for your portable Apple devices for free or for a small charge. These applications are divided into distinct categories: photo, productivity, games, music, weather, entertainment, social networks, sports, utilities, travel, etc. There is an app for just about everything and prices range from free to £7.99 according to the software required. The Tribal Zine App is, of course, free and you can find it in the News category or by searching for ‘Tribalzine’ in the Appstore.

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What it looks like:

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