Nicolas Vuillermot, by Olivier Allamand
Friday 5 November 2010
by Ben Swales

PNG - 392.8 kb At the beginning of September Olivier Allamand shared with us a series of photos of Nicolas Vuillermot and Valentin Gaucher (La Plagne 2010, by Olivier Allamand (1/2) & La Plagne 2010, by Olivier Allamand (1/2)). Even though we were right in the middle of the World Championship, these photos were so good that we didn’t hesitate to put them on the site, giving them the cover. Olivier is a former sportsman of the highest level (silver medal in the mogul skiing the the 1992 Albertville Olympics), who is now the co-manager of two Intersport magazines in La Plagne and has been taking photos for four years now. Luckily for us, he bumped into a certain Serge Froissart along the way and trials has been one of his favourite subjects ever since.

He recently sent us a new series of particularly original and artistic photos; a night shoot with top Atomz Nicolas Vuillermot, which took place in the woods of la Plagne. We haven’t seen anything like it before! Enjoy…

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