Alan Cappellacci, Tribal Rider
Wednesday 27 October 2010
by Ben Swales

PNG - 296.8 kb Alan Cappellacci is a 23 year old Italian trials rider who is part of the Biketrial Vadese Crew, founded two years ago to promote trials in and around Sant’Angelo in Vado in in Italy in general, with shows and web videos. Alan’s latest production was a big hit thanks to the quality of the images and the impressive level of riding and we had it at the top of our page for a few days (Alan Cappellacci - « Bionic Ride »)!

Sponsored by Italisn streetwear brand ETIE, Alan has done us the honour of joining the ranks of the Tribal Riders. He will be prmoting the No.1 trials information site, which he logs on to on a daily basis to take his dose of trials news, videos and photos, and to celebrate he’s put together a new video. He is riding his new Bionic B5r on the artificial obstacles in his training ground, the San Bastien Bike Park, in full Tribal Rider mode. His style is clean and effective and there are some magnificent slow-mo shots. Enjoy! Thanks Alan, and welcome to the team!



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