Mont Sainte-Anne by Ryan MacVicker
Wednesday 27 October 2010
by Ben Swales

PNG - 377.8 kb Ryan MacVicker, an American rider from Petoskey, Michigan, has sent us a new video dedicated to the World Championship in Mont Sainte-Anne. With more than half an hour of footage from the Elite 26" Semi-Final, the Elite 20" Final, the Elite 26" Final and a few clips of the Elite and Junior riders warming up (including Hungarian No.1 Laszlo Hegedus), with a smattering of XC andc downhill to finish with. The footage is largely unedited and plunges you right into the heart of the biggest fixture of the season. Vimeo compression has reduced the quality somewhat, so we recommend taking the time to download the video (right click and save the file - 394MB), you won’t be disappoinited!



A few photos from the Elite 26" Final, taken by Michel Roy...

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