BIU British National Championship Final - Hook Woods
Thursday 23 September 2010
by Ben Swales , Dave Bradley , Nathan Marks

JPEG - 3.1 kb This year’s BIU British BikeTrial Championship Final, organised by the BIU and EBU affiliated Essex BikeTrial Club, took place on September the 12th at the famous Hook woods trials centre. A good turnout of riders, graced with blue skies and a surprisingly dry course despite the week’s heavy rain set the scene for an intense day of riding.

Event organiser Dave Bradley and his team had put together a challenging set of six sections of which riders where required to complete 3 laps. Some riders complained at the length of sections, claiming that they were too long for the two minute time limit. Some of these riders retired after just one or two laps, leaving space for some new names to shine! When asked about this situation, Dave Bradley commented “The British Championship trial was set out to test and push riders and with the two minute time limit in the sections riders have to keep moving if they are not to run out of time. This obviously puts the rider under pressure but it was a British Championship trial and was intended to test not only the rider’s skill but also their fitness. We did however have to shorten the Red and Yellow route on sections 3 and 4 for the second and third laps as they were too long for most of the entry but when looking at the results you can see that by the third lap most of the entry had worked out the best way to ride all of the sections. That of course is the idea of trials on natural terrain”. Most people however seem to have enjoyed the trial and many have spoken out in defence of Dave, his team and the sections.


In the fiercely fought Elite category, Sam Oliver took top honours with an exceptional ride on his Rockman ‘stealth’ Aurem III, finishing on 24 points, making him 2010 BIU Elite British Champion. Sam seemed to have an all or nothing policy as he either cleaned or fived all but a few of the sections. He was closely followed by James Hyland in second place on 28 and Dave Kerr in 3rd with 35. Both put in great rides on the massive sections.

Elite Podium

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Things were very close in Senior class with just five points separating first and third place. Jack Meek (40) took the win in Senior class, ahead of Darren King (42) and Michael Singleton (45). Jack is an example of the riders who struggled with the sections and the time limit on his first lap (two cleans and four fives) before getting to grips with things (he only dropped seven points on his third lap).

Senior Podium

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Only two Junior riders finished the trial, with the rest retiring after their first or second laps. Joe Laidlaw finished first with 50 points on his card, with Jacob Jackson-Perrin taking second with 62.

Junior Podium

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Ed Wheeler competed alone in Minime class, finishing on 69 points and taking home the gold medal.

Minime Podium

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As there were only two entries in Poussin class, with both of them being very strong riders, it was decided that they would ride on the same sections as the Minime riders. BIU Poussin World Champion and Tribal Rider finished first on 27, ahead of Adam Morewood (Tarty Bikes/MRS on 36. As we are very fond of saying here at Tribal Zine – keep your eyes on these two!

Poussin Podium

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Toby Smith finished in first place in Benjamin on just seven points, ahead of Tribal Rider Sam Rolls (11) and Jack Mould (34).

Benjamin Podium

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Lois Morgan was riding alone in Femina Class and finished on 41 points, taking home the gold medal.

Femina Podium

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Full Results

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Thanks to Dave Bradley, Kellie Rolls and Robin Morewood for the photos. Click here to see more photos on the EBTC homepage.

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