Jamie Williams – Tribal Rider
Thursday 23 September 2010
by Ben Swales

GIF - 31.6 kb We’re pleased to announce that Jamie Williams, from North Wales, has joined the Tribal Zine Trial Team UK.

17 year old Jamie, from Colwyn Bay in North Wales, has been riding trials for four years and is one of the fastest progressing riders we’ve seen for a long time. As well as being a consummate street rider, Jamie competes in the British Trials Cup in Expert class on his Onza Limey 320. He also finished fourth in the first round of the Tyke Trial club championship at Shipley Glen and third in the second round at Addingham Moorside.

Jamie also performs regularly in trials demos, including Woodfest 2010 and several Team MAD shows. Jamie is also sponsored by Trials Den, TNN Engineering and LMG Wear.

Welcome to the team Jamie!

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