The Elite 26" Semi-Final, by Michel Roy
Monday 6 September 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 145.6 kb The UCI Biketrial World Championships got off to a great start last Tuesday with a grandiose opening ceremony, which we were able to share with you thanks to Michel Roy’s excellent photos. Michel was in the sections on Friday during the Elite 26” semi-final and has sent us some photos of the competiton. These superb shots were taken using a Canon Mark III and two flashes, one positioned remotely on a tripod, in order to perfectly capture the greatest trials riders in the world in the woody slopes of Mont Sainte-Anne, where light was low. These photos have not been edited in anyway and were sent to us in RAW format. To see them in their original resolution, head over to Michel’s Flick’r gallery!

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While you’re at it, why not head over to his website, Digital Direct Multimédia, to see some more of his work. Michel is a member of the Corporation des Maîtres Photographes du Québec and of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and has been writing a column in the Canadian magazine PhotoNews. He distinguished himself amongst Quebec’s photographers recently, winning two prestigious prizes (the Grand Prix for nature photography and the popular Jamboree snowboard photo competition. In brief, he’s one of the best photographers in Quebec and it is a great honour that he has taken these photos for us; Thanks Michel!

Kenny Belaey, still a force to be reckoned with in the World Championships, took the lead in 2010! He will therefore be the last to start in the final.

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Gilles Coustellier lets pole position slip from his grasp for the first time this season! He will start seventh in Sunday’s final.

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Abel Mustieles... In his first competition of the season on a 26” Abel qualified in third place, ahead of some of the discipline’s best riders!

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Vincent Hermance didn’t have a great ride and only qualified in fourth position.

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Marc Caisso is ending his career in style! He qualified for the final of the season’s biggest competition in fifth place in his last ever season!

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The grand master of world 20” trials, Benito Ros, will also be in the 26” final!

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This years big World Championship surprise: Canadian John Webster qualified alongside the world’s best in his first UCI competition of the season! Although relatively unknown, some of you may have seen him finish second in the BIU Senior World Championship in China last year.

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Aurélien Fontenoy, ninth, with not be riding in the final.

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British Vice-Champion, Danny Butler, finished in tenth place.

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Swiss 20” & 26” Champion Loris Braun finished 11th.

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Brit rider Joe Oakley, who took the Junior title last year, finished 14th.

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Andrei Burton, who finished sixth in the World Cup this year, came 15th in Mont Sainte-Anne.

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Australian Champion Joe Brewer was a surprisingly high finisher in Canberra last year. This year’s sections caused him more problems and he only managed to finish in 22nd place.

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