The “Where’s The Seat” series
Thursday 2 December 2010
by Richard Furlong
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Kevin Liu is a 23 year old street rider who we particularly admire. This talented rider with the silky smooth style lives in Vancouver and rides for Rockman Bikes. He has made his name through a series of videos which have enjoyed success on trials forums across the globe, particularly in France. Kevin can currently be found behind the handlebars of the new limited edition Slate II, who’s colours remind us of the Akali. At the beginning of the year he opened an online shop,, which will now be making Rockman and Echo gear available to the good people of Canada. He is also the official distributer of the Canadian brand Meta, who latest offering, the VTT2, is already available in his shop.

GIF - 5.8 kb Since May, Kevin has been sending us a series of videos, all top quality, which formed part of a DVD project: WheresTheSeat Part 1. The final episode of the series was made public a few days ago and Kevin signed off on the series, saying: “This episode is the last one for our 2010 season. It has been a great year for us, and the trials community in Vancouver is as strong as ever. I am really happy that the series provided a common goal for everyone who participated, and I think we all learned to enjoy the sport of Bicycle Trials a little more. There are way too many riders featured in this video for me to list them out one by one. I don’t think the names are important anyways. I’d like to give thank Rockman Bikes for their support, DJ Spinegefor sending us some of his work, and all the riders from for their hospitality during my trip to Taiwan. ” So here’s the complete Wheres The Seat series for your viewing pleasure... Armchair : check, snacks : check, HD screen : check... time to sit back and enjoy over two hours of awesome footage!

Episode 9 :

Episode 8 :

Episode 7 :

Episode 6 :

Episode 5 :

Episode 4 :

Episode 3 :

Episode 2 :

Episode 1 "Pilot" :